A Message

      from the Superintendent's Office



    Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, and Friends of the Brielle Blazers:

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. This new year presents us with many new challenges and opportunities at Brielle Elementary School. We are excited to welcome over 45 kindergarten students as well as over fifteen new students to our school! We are excited to see all of our Brielle Blazers in person as we prepare to open our school on September 2nd to our teachers and September 10th and 11th for our students.

    Our top priority has always been the health, safety, and wellness to all of our students and staff. We continue to consult with local and state officials from the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Health regarding the coronavirus and its impact on student education.

    Our summer has been extremely busy, and quite productive as we readied for the upcoming school year. In addition to painting over fifteen classrooms and offices, we completed phase three of replacing outdated lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles in our building. New tiles and high-end efficiency LED lighting will be used, thus resulting in energy savings to our district. We also partnered with the borough during the summer to resurface our west side parking lot to be completed in the next three weeks. 

    We are also working diligently to provide a comprehensive and positive learning experience for all children whether they are in-person or fully remote.  We will also provide parent workshops on navigating Google Classroom and other digital platforms that students and teachers will be utilizing. All students in grades K-8 will be able to take home a school issued Chromebook. 

    This summer Darlene Finkenauer, Susan Grady, and Karen Semple made the difficult decision to retire from teaching after a collective 99 years of teaching in Brielle. These three teachers will be truly missed by everyone. In addition to these changes we will welcome new teachers to our school. At the last Board of Education meeting, we hired first grade teacher, Carrie Siano and sixth grade math teacher, Meghan Pringle. We have also hired an additional custodian/former Brielle graduate, Curtis Jenkins. 

    We are forever grateful for all the support and efforts made by our Board of Education, the Parent-Teacher Organization, Brielle Booster Club, Brielle Education Foundation, our Brielle Reopening Committee, teachers, administration, support staff, and our caring community members who collectively have supported us and continue to strive to create a great learning environment for all of our children. 

    We will continue to focus on the processes that support continuing academic achievement, evaluate our programming, and determine what we can do to improve and work collaboratively in a school environment to enhance success for all. 

    Our  motto:

    Every Child...Every Day...Whatever it Takes

    Keeping Children First,

    Christine E. Carlson