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    Below please find the Accelerated Reader list by Title, Author and Reading Levels.


    Title AuthorLevel


    Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Willems,Mo 0.9

    Noisy Way to Bed, TheWhybrow, Ian1.1

    Pudgy: A Puppy to LoveGoodhart, Pippa1.1

    Hello WorldForeman, Michael1.3

    LarabeeLuthardt, Kevin 1.4

    There Once Was a PuffinJaques, Florence1.5

    Kiss Kiss!Wild, Margaret1.7

    Question Song, TheZemach, Kaethe 1.7

    Love-Me Bird, TheDunbar, Joyce 1.9

    OneRadunsky, Vladimir 2

    Prickly Porcupines (Animals)Zemlicka, Shannon2

    How Did You Grow So Big, So Soon?Bowen, Anne2.1

    I Can't Talk Yet, but When I Do...Markes, Julie         2.1

    Ish Reynolds, Peter H.      2.1

    Ravenous Beast, TheSharkey, Niamh    2.1

    Senor Don Gato: A Traditional SongManders, John     2.3

    When I Feel JealousSpelman, Cornelia    2.3

    DinosailorsLund, Deb     2.4

    Mrs. Watson Wants Your TeethMcGhee, Alison             2.4

    Captain's PurrFloyd, Madeleine     2.5

    Find-a-SaurusSperring, Mark     2.6

    Geez Louise!Elya, Susan Middleton     2.6

    Moon Sandwich MomJacobson, Jennifer Rich     2.6

    Three Nasty GnarliesGraves, Keith     2.6

    Bertil and the Bathroom ElephantsLindahl, Inger    2.7

    Falling for RapunzelWilcox, Leah                2.7

    Lazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly     2.7

    Okie-Dokie, Artichokie!Lin, Grace                  2.7

    Seven Treasure Hunts, TheByars, Betsy                2.7

    Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop GuyPark, Barbara               2.8

    Little Rabbit Goes to SchoolHorse, Harry     2.9

    Lost Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn     2.9

    Our TwitchyGray, Kes     2.9

    Slumber Party Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn     2.9

    Upstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna     2.9

    War of the Worlds, TheWells/Evans    2.9

    Guji GujiChen, Chih-Yuan     3

    JaguarundiHamilton, Virginia     3

    Let's Do That Again!Oram, Hiawyn     3

    Let's Talk About RaceLester, Julius     3

    Mike's MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandl    3

    Soccer Shoe Clue, TheKeene, Carolyn     3

    Locked in the Library!Brown, Marc    3.1

    Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster...Knutson, Barbara     3.1

    Mystery of the Stolen Bike, TheBrown/Krensky     3.1

    Trouble at Camp TreehouseKeene, Carolyn     3.1

    Bad Day for BalletKeene, Carolyn    3.2

    Buster's Dino DilemmaBrown/Krensky     3.2

    Horrible Harry Moves up to Third GradeKline, Suzy    3.2

    I Am Too Absolutely Small for SchoolChild, Lauren    3.2

    Julia Wants a PetLindgren, Barbro    3.2

    Librarian of Basra: A True Story...Winter, Jeanette     3.2

    Lighthouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandl     3.2

    Little Blue Rabbit, TheMcAllister, Angela    3.2

    Falcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron     3.3

    Fudge-a-ManiaBlume, Judy     3.3

    Hour of the OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope 3.3

    Les MiserablesHugo/Kulling 3.3

    Martin MacGregor's SnowmanCook, Lisa Broadie3.3

    Molly and the StormLeeson, Christine 3.3

    Sideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis 3.3

    Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy 3.3

    Viking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary Pope3.3

    Aliens for DinnerSpinner, Stephanie 3.4

    Boris's GlassesCohen, Peter3.4

    Cam Jansen...Catnapping MysteryAdler, David A. 3.4

    Jump Shot DetectivesDixon, Franklin W. 3.4

    Loony LittleAston, Dianna Hutts 3.4

    Night I Followed the Dog, TheLaden, Nina 3.4

    Sarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia 3.4

    Squirrels and ChipmunksFowler, Allan 3.4

    SuperfudgeBlume, Judy 3.4

    There's a Boy in the Girls' BathroomSachar, Louis 3.4

    Wayside School Is Falling DownSachar, Louis 3.4

    How to Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas 3.5

    Ice Cream Scoop, TheKeene, Carolyn 3.5

    Rich MitchSharmat, Marjorie Weinm 3.5

    Striped Ice CreamLexau, Joan3.5

    Tale of Jack Frost, TheMelling, David 3.5

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.Blume, Judy3.6

    Cosmo's MoonScillian, Devin3.6

    Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?Giff, Patricia Reilly3.6

    Henry and the Kite DragonHall, Bruce Edward 3.6

    My Robot BuddySlote, Alfred 3.6

    Snowboarding Basics (New Action Sports)Jay, Jackson 3.6

    At Home in the Coral ReefMuzik, Katy 3.7

    Blue Whales (Naturebooks)McDonald, Mary Ann 3.7

    Different DragonsLittle, Jean 3.7

    Eddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn 3.7

    Flimflam Man, TheBeard, Darleen Bailey3.7

    Monster Trucks (Rollin')Koons, James 3.7

    Nothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe 3.7

    Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland, TheShepard, Aaron 3.7

    Second Grade-Friends Again!Cohen, Miriam 3.7

    Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People WritingRumford, James 3.7

    Skunks (North American Animal Discovery)Stone, Lynn M. 3.7

    2095Scieszka, Jon3.8

    Anacondas (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy 3.8

    Big Nothing, TheFogelin, Adrian 3.8

    Boy with the Helium Head, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynold 3.8

    Eddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn 3.8

    Give Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy ColeGreenwald, Sheila3.8

    Pinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.8

    Piranhas (Naturebooks)Berendes, Mary 3.8

    Pistachio Prescription, TheDanziger, Paula3.8

    Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi: A Math AdventureNeuschwander, Cindy 3.8

    Song of the TreesTaylor, Mildred D. 3.8

    Sweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia 3.8

    Trouble for LucyStevens, Carla 3.8

    Boxcar Children, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandl 3.9

    Carpet Boy's Gift, TheShea, Pegi Deitz 3.9

    Courage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice 3.9

    Dark Stairs, TheByars, Betsy3.9

    Deer, Moose, Elk & CaribouHodge, Deborah 3.9

    Halloween: Why We Celebrate It the Way We DoHintz, Martin/Kate 3.9

    Joe-Joe's First FlightTarpley, Natasha Anasta3.9

    Justin and the Best Biscuits in the WorldWalter, Mildred Pitts3.9

    Kid in the Red Jacket, ThePark, Barbara3.9

    Kid Who Only Hit Homers, TheChristopher, Matt3.9

    Skateboarding Basics (New Action Sports)Jay, Jackson 3.9

    Whipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid 3.9

    Betsy-TacyLovelace, Maud Hart 4

    Boa Constrictors (Animals of the Rain Forest)Dollar, Sam 4

    Case of the Elevator Duck, TheBerends, Polly 4

    In Aunt Lucy's KitchenRylant, Cynthia 4

    Lance Armstrong (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patri 4

    Man in the Iron Mask, TheDumas/Mantell 4

    Pickup Trucks (Rollin')Koons, James 4

    Pirate JamBrown, Jo 4

    Prairie SchoolLenski, Lois 4

    Thanksgiving: Why We Celebrate It the Way We DoHintz, Martin/Kate 4

    Top SecretGardiner, John Reynolds 4

    Trumpeter Swan (Giants Among Us)Cooper, Jason 4

    Twenty and TenBishop, Claire Huchet 4

    Apples to OregonHopkinson, Deborah 4.1

    Baleen Whales (Read All About)Cooper, Jason 4.1

    Big Rigs (Rollin')Schleifer, Jay 4.1

    Carry on, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean 4.1

    Cockroaches (Naturebooks)Merrick, Patrick 4.1

    Fables from AesopLynch, Tom 4.1

    Ghost on the Hearth, TheMilord, Susan 4.1

    Gold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D. 4.1

    Kwanzaa: Why We Celebrate It the Way We DoHintz, Martin/Kate 4.1

    Michael Jordan: The Best EverHoughton, Sarah 4.1

    Motorcycles (Rollin')Jay, Jackson 4.1

    Scorpions (Naturebooks) Murray, Peter 4.1

    Wild About BooksSierra, Judy 4.1

    ZipitioArgueta et al., Jorge 4.1

    Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!Manes, Stephen 4.2

    BMX Bicycles (Rollin')Knox, Barbara 4.2

    Catcher's Mask, TheChristopher, Matt 4.2

    Chocolate FeverSmith, Robert Kimmel 4.2

    Christmas: Why We Celebrate It the Way We DoHintz, Martin/Kate 4.2

    Dog Called Kitty, AWallace, Bill 4.2

    Eddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.2

    Endurance: Shipwreck and Survival on a Sea of IceWhite, Matt 4.2

    If You Didn't Have MeNilsson, Ulf 4.2

    In-Line Skating Basics (New Action Sports)Savage, Jeff 4.2

    Katie JohnCalhoun, Mary 4.2

    Little Shopping, ARylant, Cynthia 4.2

    Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.2

    ReginaldNewman, Jeff4.2

    Skateboarding History: From the Backyard to the Big TimeMartin, Michael 4.2

    Super Sports Cars (Rollin')Jay, Jackson 4.2

    Tough to TackleChristopher, Matt 4.2

    Wanted...Mud BlossomByars, Betsy 4.2

    B Is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn 4.3

    Back Yard AngelDelton, Judy 4.3

    César: ¡Sí, Se Puede! Yes, We Can!Bernier-Grand, Carmen T4.3

    Grizzly Bears (Predators in the Wild)Deady, Kathleen W.4.3

    Hammerhead Shark, TheBurnham, Brad4.3

    Hawks (Predators in the Wild)Deady, Kathleen W.4.3

    Iguanas (Animals of the Rain Forest)Donovan, Sandra4.3

    Jerry Rice: Speedy Wide ReceiverOwens, Thomas S.4.3

    Lemurs (Animals of the Rain Forest)Butz, Christopher4.3

    My Trip to Alpha ISlote, Alfred4.3

    Skateboarding Greats: Champs of the RampsKaelberer, Angie Peters4.3

    Skates of Uncle Richard, TheFenner, Carol4.3

    TV Kid, TheByars, Betsy4.3

    Alex Rodriguez (Sports Heroes)Covert, Kim4.4

    Basho and the River StonesMyers, Tim4.4

    Bella ArabellaFosburgh, Liza4.4

    Blue MoosePinkwater, Daniel4.4

    Box Turtles (The Library of Turtles and Tortoises)Blomquist, Christopher4.4

    Charlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.4

    Freaky FridayRodgers, Mary4.4

    Going HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.4

    Good Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.4

    Harvey's Horrible Snake DisasterClifford, Eth4.4

    Jeff Gordon (Amazing Athletes)Savage, Jeff4.4

    Killer Whales (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.4

    Kneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.4

    Kobe Bryant (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.4

    Komodo Dragons (Predators in the Wild)Welsbacher, Anne4.4

    Lucky Stone, TheClifton, Lucille4.4

    M.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.4

    Randy Moss (Sports Heroes)Molzahn, Arlene Bourgeo4.4

    Skateparks: Grab Your SkateboardDoeden, Matt4.4

    SoupPeck, Robert Newton4.4

    Bengal Tigers (Animals of the Rain Forest)Steele, Christy4.5

    Grandma MosesWallner, Alexandra4.5

    Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth,...and Me, ElizabethKonigsburg, E.L.4.5

    Learning Martial Arts (New Action Sports)Potts, Steve4.5

    Onion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.5

    Sea Horses (A True Book)Landau, Elaine4.5

    Serena and Venus Williams (Sports Heroes)Schaefer, A.R.4.5

    4B Goes WildGilson, Jamie4.6

    Adaline Falling StarOsborne, Mary Pope4.6

    Bridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.6

    Dog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.6

    Great Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.6

    HolesSachar, Louis4.6

    Indian in the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.6

    Jennifer Murdley's ToadCoville, Bruce4.6

    Middle Moffat, TheEstes, Eleanor4.6

    Mystery of Eatum Hall, TheKelly/Tincknell4.6

    Native American ScientistsJohn, Jetty St.4.6

    Not-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.6

    On the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.6

    Return of the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.6

    Siamese Fighting Fish (A True Book)Landau, Elaine4.6

    Skateboards: Designs and EquipmentHoena, B.A.4.6

    Snakes! Deadly Predators or Harmless Pets?Houghton, Sarah4.6

    Winnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.6

    Absolutely Normal ChaosCreech, Sharon4.7

    African-American ScientistsJohn, Jetty St.4.7

    Bear Called Paddington, ABond, Michael4.7

    Birds (Rourke Guide to State Symbols)Cooper, Jason4.7

    Birds That Don't FlyKalman, Bobbie4.7

    Chocolate Touch, TheCatling, Patrick4.7

    Come Sing, Jimmy JoPaterson, Katherine4.7

    From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.4.7

    Grandmother for the Orphelines, ACarlson, Natalie4.7

    Henry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.7

    It's Like This, CatNeville, Emily Cheney4.7

    Komodo Dragon (The Lizard Library), TheMiller, Jake4.7

    Mako Sharks (Sharks)Welsbacher, Anne4.7

    On My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.7

    Racing Cars (Rollin')Savage, Jeff4.7

    Sea of Trolls, TheFarmer, Nancy4.7

    Secret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.7

    Sleeping BunnyKeller, Emily Snowell4.7

    Wheel on the School, TheDe Jong, Meindert4.7

    Wrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.7

    And Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.8

    Animal Homes (A True Book)Squire, Ann O.4.8

    Chameleon (The Lizard Library), TheMiller, Jake4.8

    Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.8

    Combat Rescue Helicopters: The MH-53 Pave LowsSweetman, Bill4.8

    Hammerhead Sharks (Sharks)Welsbacher, Anne4.8

    Ice Fishing(The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.8

    Killer Whales: The Orcas of the Pacific OceanNielsen, Nancy4.8

    Lemurs and Other Animals of the Madagascar Rain ForestMartin, James4.8

    Mia Hamm (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patri4.8

    Pythons (Snakes)McDonald, Mary Ann4.8

    Ramona ForeverCleary, Beverly4.8

    Strawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.8

    World's Fastest Trains (Built for Speed), TheSievert, Terri4.8

    African Rock Pythons (World's Largest Snakes)Weber, Valerie J.4.9

    All-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.9

    Animal Groups: How Animals Live TogetherKaner, Etta4.9

    BambiSalten, Felix4.9

    Bearded Dragon (The Lizard Library), TheMiller, Jake4.9

    Canoeing(The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.9

    Castle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.9

    Comeback Dog, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.9

    Cricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.9

    Dear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.9

    Frozen FireHouston, James4.9

    Garter Snakes (Snakes)McDonald, Mary Ann4.9

    Greatest Skating Race: A WWII Story from the Netherlands, Borden, Louise4.9

    Indigo's StarMcKay, Hilary4.9

    Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce4.9

    Killer Whales (Animal Predators)Markle, Sandra4.9

    Little House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.9

    Miracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.9

    Mob of Meerkats, AMoore, Heidi4.9

    Motocross Cycles (Rollin')Savage, Jeff4.9

    My Brother Sam Is DeadCollier, James/Christop4.9

    Mystery of the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.9

    Pheasant Hunting(The Great Outdoors)Martin, Michael4.9

    ShadrachDe Jong, Meindert4.9

    Sign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth Georg4.9

    Summer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.9

    Trumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.9

    Where the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.9

    Baby SharksGentle/Perry5

    Bronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth Georg5

    Dicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5

    Earthworm (Wild America)Jacobs, Lee5

    Fledgling, TheLangton, Jane5

    Harlem Globetrotters: Clown Princes of Basketball, TheButler, Robbie5

    Hurry Home, CandyDe Jong, Meindert5

    Ichiro Suzuki (Awesome Athletes)Dougherty, Terri5

    Journey from Peppermint StreetDe Jong, Meindert5

    Jump Jets: The AV-8B HarriersSweetman, Bill5

    Little Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine5

    Mastering Martial Arts (New Action Sports)Potts, Steve5

    Old YellerGipson, Fred5

    Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5

    Search for Grissi, TheShura, Mary Francis5

    Snowmobiling(The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie5

    Tarantulas (Dangerous Spiders)Ethan, Eric5

    Tiger Sharks (Sharks)Welsbacher, Anne5

    Tony Hawk (Awesome Athletes)Murray, Julie5

    Toothpaste Millionaire, TheMerrill, Jean5

    Tuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5

    Wind in the Door, AL'Engle, Madeleine5

    African Animals (A True Book)Squire, Ann O.5.1

    Alligator (Killer Creatures)Jefferis/Allan5.1

    Alligators and Crocodiles (Welcome to the World of AnimalsSwanson, Diane5.1

    Black Widow Spiders (Dangerous Spiders)Ethan, Eric5.1

    Cabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.1

    Flunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.1

    Gila Monster (The Lizard Library), TheMiller, Jake5.1

    Great White Sharks: The Ocean's Most Deadly KillersMartin, James5.1

    Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.1

    Homesick, My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.1

    Manatees (Our Wild World)Feeney, Kathy5.1

    Matchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.1

    Mouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.1

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (The Secret of NIMH)O'Brien, Robert C.5.1

    Owls: The Silent HuntersMiller, Sara Swan5.1

    Planet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.1

    Raccoon (Wild America)Jacobs, Lee5.1

    Ralph S. MouseCleary, Beverly5.1

    Ramona the PestCleary, Beverly5.1

    Rattlesnakes (Snakes)McDonald, Mary Ann5.1

    Spitting Cobras of Africa, TheMartin, James5.1

    Strike Fighters: The F/A-18E/F Super HornetsSweetman, Bill5.1

    Three Terrible TrinsKing-Smith, Dick5.1

    World's Fastest Superbikes (Built for Speed), TheSievert, Terri5.1

    World's Fastest Trucks (Built for Speed), TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen5.1

    Wrestling Basics (New Action Sports)Savage, Jeff5.1

    Yao Ming (Awesome Athletes)Pyle, Lydia5.1

    Barn Owls (Nature Watch)Epple, Wolfgang5.2

    Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying MachinesArnold, Caroline5.2

    Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.2

    Boa Constrictors (Snakes)Martin, James5.2

    Farmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.2

    Great Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.2

    Moffats, TheEstes, Eleanor5.2

    Moles and Hedgehogs: What They Have in CommonMiller, Sara Swan5.2

    Mrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.2

    My Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.2

    Old Mother West WindBurgess, Thornton5.2

    Pippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.2

    Radar Jammers: The EA-6B ProwlersSweetman, Bill5.2

    Ramona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.2

    Ring of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.2

    Secret of the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid5.2

    Shadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.2

    Snowbird, TheCalvert, Patricia5.2

    SocksCleary, Beverly5.2

    String in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.2

    Swiftly Tilting Planet, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.2

    Thirteen Ways to Sink a SubGilson, Jamie5.2

    U.S. Army RangersKoons, James5.2

    Whale Sharks (Sharks)Welsbacher, Anne5.2

    Where the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera/Bill5.2

    Book of Three, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.3

    Borrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.3

    California Gold Rush (Let Freedom Ring), TheMonroe, Judy5.3

    Cay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.3

    DragonwingsYep, Laurence5.3

    Ella's Big ChanceHughes, Shirley5.3

    Harriet Tubman (Let Freedom Ring)Nielsen, Nancy J.5.3

    Headless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.3

    Little House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.3

    Misty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.3

    Poison Dart FrogsDewey, Jennifer Owings5.3

    Runaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.3

    Snow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.3

    SounderArmstrong, William H.5.3

    Westing Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.3

    Animal Talk: How Animals Communicate...Sight, Sound & SmelKaner, Etta5.4

    Animals of the Sea and Shore (A True Book)Squire, Ann O.5.4

    Best Halloween Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.4

    Black Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.4

    Cameras on the Battlefield: Photos of WarWhite, Matt5.4

    Elephant QuestLewin, Ted5.4

    Hundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.4

    Hundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.4

    Island of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.4

    King of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.4

    Koala (Natural World)Leach, Michael5.4

    Komodo Dragons: Giant Lizards of IndonesiaMartin, James5.4

    Lassie Come-HomeKnight, Eric5.4

    Little Riders, TheShemin, Margaretha5.4

    Llamas (A True Book)Lepthien, Emilie U.5.4

    Master Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.4

    Over Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.4

    Parrots Around the WorldRauzon, Mark J.5.4

    Rodents: From Mice to MuskratsMiller, Sara Swan5.4

    Sea Turtles (Sea Creatures)Laskey, Elizabeth5.4

    Search for Delicious, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.4

    Win One for the Gipper: America's Football HeroWargin, Kathy-jo5.4

    World's Fastest Helicopters (Built for Speed), TheBledsoe, Glen/Karen5.4

    Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail DiaGregory, Kristiana5.5

    Animal Journeys: Life Cycles and MigrationsRiha, Susanne5.5

    Boston Massacre (Let Freedom Ring), TheReady, Dee5.5

    Dealing with DragonsWrede, Patricia C.5.5

    Gyo ObataKudalis, Eric5.5

    Henry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.5

    House of Sixty Fathers, TheDe Jong, Meindert5.5

    Light in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.5

    New Found Land: Lewis and Clark's Voyage of DiscoveryWolf, Allan5.5

    Oregon Trail (Let Freedom Ring), TheJaffe, Elizabeth D.5.5

    Rainforest BirdsKalman, Bobbie5.5

    Shaquille O'Neal (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.5

    Trouble with Tuck, TheTaylor, Theodore5.5

    Abraham Lincoln (Let Freedom Ring)Oberle, Lora Polack5.6

    Big RedKjelgaard, Jim5.6

    Brighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.6

    Getting Ready for a Career in ComputersLund, Bill5.6

    Getting Ready for a Career in Food ServiceStreissguth, Tom5.6

    Mr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard/Floren5.6

    Queenie PeavyBurch, Robert5.6

    Ramona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.6

    Robert E. Lee (Let Freedom Ring)Monroe, Judy5.6

    Saucepan JourneyUnnerstad, Edith5.6

    School of Dolphins, ASpilsbury, Richard/Loui5.6

    Women Inventors, Vol. 2Blashfield, Jean F.5.6

    Along Came a DogDe Jong, Meindert5.7

    Animals That Walk on WaterMartin, Patricia Fink5.7

    Jacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.7

    Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.7

    Pod of Whales, ASpilsbury, Richard/Loui5.7

    Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.5.7

    Sharks (Wild Marine Animals!)Cole, Melissa/Brandon5.7

    Thimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.7

    Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.7

    Witch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth Georg5.7

    Witches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.7

    Women Inventors, Vol. 4Blashfield, Jean F.5.7

    Hispanic ScientistsJohn, Jetty St.5.8

    Julie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.8

    Sojourner Truth (Let Freedom Ring)Leebrick, Kristal 5.8

    U.S. Navy SealsStreissguth, Tom5.8

    Women Inventors, Vol. 1Blashfield, Jean F.5.8

    Abel's IslandSteig, William5.9

    African-American InventorsAmram, Fred5.9

    Annelids: Earthworms, Leeches, and Sea WormsBlaxland, Beth5.9

    Beavers (Northern Trek)Frisch, Aaron5.9

    Beluga Whales (Creatures of the Sea)Hirschmann, Kris5.9

    Cat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, Elizabeth5.9

    John Lennon: Voice of a Generation (Famous Lives)Gogerly, Liz5.9

    Johnny TremainForbes, Esther5.9

    Lewis and Clark Expedition (The Freedom Ring), TheBursell, Susan5.9

    Maria Von Trapp: Beyond the Sound of MusicRansom, Candice F.5.9

    Marian Anderson (Journey to Freedom)Meadows, James5.9

    Miss HickoryBailey, Carolyn Sherwin 5.9

    Robert A.M. SternAnger, David5.9

    Ulysses S. Grant (Let Freedom Ring)Gregson, Susan R.5.9

    Understood BetsyFisher, Dorothy Canfiel5.9

    Vultures (Wild Birds of Prey)Kops, Deborah5.9

    Amazing Octopus, TheKalman/Sjonger6

    Battle of Yorktown (Let Freedom Ring), TheReady, Dee6

    Caddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6

    Centerburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6

    Ginger PyeEstes, Eleanor6

    Jefferson Davis (Let Freedom Ring)Gunderson, Cory Gideon6

    Little Princess (Unabridged), ABurnett, Frances Hodgso6

    Louisiana Purchase (Let Freedom Ring), TheJaffe, Elizabeth D.6

    Mimicry and Camouflage (World of Wonder)Hoff, Mary6

    Slave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6

    Squid (Creatures of the Sea)Hirschmann, Kris6

    Stuart LittleWhite, E.B.6

    Animals of the Rain ForestSavage, Stephen6.1

    Boggart, TheCooper, Susan6.1

    High King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.1

    Mary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.1

    Michael GravesKudalis, Eric6.1

    Rifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.1

    Star of Kazan, TheIbbotson, Eva6.1

    Tadpoles (Nature Close-Up)Pascoe, Elaine6.1

    Tom's Midnight GardenPearce, Philippa6.1

    Animals That Hibernate (Watts Library)Perry, Phyllis J.6.2

    Battles of Lexington and Concord (Let Freedom Ring), ThePeacock, Judith6.2

    Call It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.2

    Dark Is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.2

    Door in the Wall, TheDe Angeli, Marguerite6.2

    Grey King, TheCooper, Susan6.2

    How Dogs Came from Wolves, and Other Explorations...ActionMyers, Jack6.2

    I, HoudiniBanks, Lynne Reid6.2

    Puffins (Nature Watch)Quinlan, Susan E.6.2

    Women Inventors, Vol. 3Blashfield, Jean F.6.2

    Amazing Amphibians (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan6.3

    Animals That Migrate (Watts Library)Bredeson, Carmen6.3

    Australia (Countries and Cultures)Boraas, Tracey 6.3

    Boston Tea Party (Let Freedom Ring), TheFurstinger, Nancy6.3

    Declaration of Independence (Let Freedom Ring), TheOberle, Lora Polack 6.3

    Freshwater Giants: Hippopotamus, River Dolphins, and ManatPerry, Phyllis J. 6.3

    Kangaroos (Wildlife Ed.)Brust, Beth Wagner 6.3

    Rats! The Good, the Bad, and the UglyConniff, Richard6.3

    Rescuers, TheSharp, Margery6.3

    Roller SkatesSawyer, Ruth 6.3

    Sea Stars (Creatures of the Sea)Hirschmann, Kris 6.3

    Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science...in the Asian TrMontgomery, Sy6.3

    Secret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances Hodgso 6.3

    Green Berets, TheStreissguth, Tom 6.4

    Piranha (Nature's Predators)Lynette, Rachel6.4

    Rabbit HillLawson, Robert 6.4

    What If You Met a Pirate?Adkins, Jan 6.4

    Young Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth 6.4

    Adam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet 6.5

    Air Assault TeamsStapleton, Gerard 6.5

    Alexander the Great (First Book)Green, Robert 6.5

    Amos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.5

    Blue WillowGates, Doris 6.5

    CésarPelliAnger, David 6.5

    Gay-Neck: The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal 6.5

    I, Juan de ParejaBorton de Treviño, Eliz6.5

    Michael J. Fox (Real-Life Reader Biography)Bankston, John6.5

    Ostriches and Other Flightless Birds (Nature Watch)Arnold, Caroline 6.5

    Penguins: From Emperors to MacaronisSwan, Erin Pembrey 6.5

    Smoky the Cow HorseJames, Will 6.5

    Wolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan 6.5

    Across Five AprilsHunt, Irene 6.6

    Bald Eagle (Endangered and Threatened Animals), TheDeFries, Cheryl L. 6.6

    Colombia (Countries and Cultures)Boraas, Tracey 6.6

    Homer PriceMcCloskey, Robert 6.6

    Lizards (The Secret World Of)Claybourne, Anna 6.6

    Walrus (Creatures of the Sea), TheHirschmann, Kris 6.6

    White Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.6

    Animals of the OceansSavage, Stephen 6.7

    Phantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton 6.7

    Pythons and Boas: Squeezing SnakesSchlaepfer/Samuelson 6.7

    Spiders (The Secret World Of)Greenaway, Theresa 6.7

    Why Not, Lafayette?Fritz, Jean 6.7

    Blue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin 6.8

    Getting Ready for a Career in Health CareLund, Bill 6.8

    Jim Henson (Inventors and Creators)Durrett, Deanne 6.8

    Lions (The Untamed World)Bocknek, Jonathan 6.8

    Navajo Code Talkers (We the People)Santella, Andrew 6.8

    Twenty-One Balloons, Thedu Bois, William Péne 6.8

    Valley ForgeAmmon, Richard 6.8

    Willow Whistle, TheMeigs, Cornelia 6.8

    Haiti (Countries and Cultures)Graves, Kerry A. 6.9

    Kristi Yamaguchi (Female Figure Skating Legends)Wellman, Sam 6.9

    Looking for Life in the Universe: The Search for...IntelliJackson, Ellen 6.9

    United States Constitution (Let Freedom Ring), TheLeebrick, Kristal 6.9

    African Elephant (Endangered and Threatened Animals), The Torres, John Albert7

    Amazing Schemes Within Your GenesBalkwill, Fran 7

    France (Countries and Cultures)Ph.D., Donna L. Knoell7.1

    Great White Shark (Animals Under Threat)Spilsbury, Richard 7.1

    Hitty: Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel 7.1

    RascalNorth, Sterling7.1

    Trumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric 7.1

    And Then There Was OneFacklam, Margery 7.2

    Animal Survivors of the Wetlands (Watts Library)Somervill, Barbara A.7.2

    Incident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan 7.2

    Animal Survivors of the Arctic (Watts Library)Somervill, Barbara A.7.3

    Gray Whales (Returning Wildlife)Becker, John E. 7.3

    Dust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930sCooper, Michael L. 7.4

    Falcons (The Secret World Of)Bailey, Jill 7.4

    Green Sea Turtles (Returning Wildlife)Becker, John E.7.4

    White Fang (Unabridged)London, Jack 7.4

    Octopus: Phantom of the Sea, TheCerullo, Mary M. 7.5

    Ancient Transportation: From Camels to CanalsWoods, Michael/Mary 7.7

    Black Beauty (Unabridged)Sewell, Anna 7.7

    Daniel BooneDaugherty, James 7.7

    Five Little Peppers and How They GrewSidney, Margaret 7.9

    Call of the Wild, TheLondon, Jack 8

    Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916Capuzzo, Michael 8.3

    Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in SpaceSkurzynski, Gloria 8.6

    Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1McWhorter, Diane 9.1

    Snakes (Endangered Animals & Habitats)Barth, Kelly L. 11