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    The Brielle Elementary lunch time program will be up and running soon.  This year we are  going to continue to meet the developmental needs of the children.   

                           Grades 6 - 8 will eat during period 5,

                           Grades K - 2 will eat during period 6, and

                           Grades 3 - 5 will eat during period 7.  

    Children will split their lunch period with recess.


    Please remind you child(ren) to bring a coat, hat, and gloves for outdoor recess during the Winter months. 


    We have certified teachers and lunch aides assisting during all lunch periods.  

    Remind your child(ren) to order their lunch in the morning during homeroom.  

    Visit the School Website under "Parents" to create a lunch account for your child.



    Remember to add Brielle School as your favorite school when shopping at Target.  When you use your Target credit card, Brielle School continues to receive a percentage of money towards our recess equipment. Thanks again for always considering the overall wellness of our children.