• 2021-2022 Supply List for Preschool - 8th Grade


         1  Plastic Folder

         5  Large Glue Sticks

         1  Art Smock - Adult size t-shirt with child's name written on the outside of the front collar (Placed in a ziplock bag)

         2  Container of Baby Wipes

         Snack and Drink Daily

         Backpack large enough to fit folder, crafts, & artwork

         Extra set of clothes in case of an accident (top, bottom, socks, & underwear) put in a ziplock bag with child's name on it

         Diapers & Wipes if needed



         1  Pair of children size scissors    

         4 to 6  Large glue sticks

         4  Fine tip dry erase markers (blue or black ink)

         1  box of colored markers

         1  box of crayons (hard plastic box)

         1  box of crayons (24)

         1  Headphones and mouse

         1  Folder

             Art Smock - adult size t-shirt with your child's name on the outside of the front collar.  Place in a ziplock bag with your child's name on it

             Accidents Happen - complete change of clothes in a ziplock bag with your child's name on it.    



    1st Grade

         2  2-pocket folders

         2  Marble composition notebook

         1  Pack of pencils

         1  16 or 24 pack of crayons

         1  Pack of colored pencils

         4  Large glue sticks

         1  Soft Zipper pencil case

         1  pair of Headphones or Earbuds

         1  Dry erase marker

         1  Highlighter



    2nd Grade 

         Pack of small glue sticks

         2  Boxes of pencils


         Box of 24 crayons

         Colored pencils

         Soft, zippered supply case

         4  2-pocket folders

         Ruler  (centimeters and inches)

         Handheld pencil sharpener with shavings receptacle

         2  Higlighters

         Pencil top erasers

         4  Dry-erase whiteboard makers


         1  3-ring binders (1 1/2")

         Post-it pads

         Marble Composition Book

         Ear buds or Headphones - will stay in school



    3rd Grade

         2  1" Binder 

         1   Pack of Dividers - with write on tabs

         2   Expo Markers

         2   Black Sharpie markers

         1   Soft pencil case

         4  Composition Notebook - 1 being used for science

         6  Plastic 2-pocket folders with holes

         2   Boxes of pencils - not mechanical

         3   Glue sticks

         1   Pair of scissors

         1   Box of 12 colored pencils

         1   Box of 24 crayons

         1   Highlighter (any color)

              Ear buds or head phones - labeled with name


    4th Grade

              Box of Pencils


              Pens - Blue, Black, and one other not Red

         2   Expo markers

         2   Highlighters

              Crayons or Colored pencils

         4   Sturdy pocket folders (Home, ELA, Math, and Spanish)

         1  Marble composition notebooks

         1  Pack of 4x6 lined post-its

         1  Pencil case

         1  set of earbuds/headphones (labeled to stay in school.)

             Hand-held pencil sharpener - helpful but not necessary


    5th Grade


              3  Packages of 3x3 Post-its

              1  Package of 4x6 lined Post-its

              2  Marble composition notebooks

              2  Sturdy pocket folders


              Marble composition notebook

              Dry erase markers


              2 Marble composition notebooks


              A pair of Earbuds that can stay in school

              1  Sturdy pocket folder

              5  Large glue sticks

              1 Large zippered pencil case


              1  Pack of 16 or 24 crayons

              1  Box of colored pencils

              2  Black sharpies

              3  Highlighters

              Box of Pencils

              Pens - black or blue and contrasting color

              Personal pencil sharpener - helpful but not necessary



    6th Grade


          1  1/1.5 inch binder

              Loose leaf paper

              Expo Markers


          1  Marble Composition Book


          1  Marble Compositon Book


          1  1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder

          1  Roll of Scotch Tape

          1  Roll of Masking Tape

          1  Pkg of 3x5 index cards

          1  Pkg of Colored Pencils


          1  Single Subject Notebook

          1  2 Pocket Folder


          1  Large zipped pencil case

          1  Large Glue Stick


          6  Black or Blue pens

          6  Pencils

          1  Black Sharpie

          1  Highlighter

          1  Pair of Earbuds - must be kept in school


    7th Grade

         English Language Arts:

              2  Marble composition notebooks

              1  1"-2" inch binder

              4  Rolls of Scotch tape

              1  Package of 3x5 index cards

              5  Packs of Post-its


              Loose-leaf paper

              1  Box of pencils

              Eraser caps

              3 Dividers

              Black Expo Marker


              Roll of Masking tape

              Roll of Scotch tape for dispenser

              1  Marble composition notebook - at least 100 pages

              Colored Pencils



              1  1"-2" binder



              Notebook with paper



              Earbuds - must be kept in Chromebook case

              1 two-pocket folder for each class

              Abundant supply of #2 pencils

              1  Package of colored pencils

              1  Package of 16 or 24 crayons

              6  Black or Blue pens

              1  Highlighter

              2  Black sharpie

              1  Glue stick


              Pencils - enough for the entire school year


    8th Grade


              1  Sturdy 2-pocket folder

              3  Marble composition notebooks

              1  Package of notebook paper

              Scotch tape

              Post-it Notes




              1  3 ring binder  (1 1/2 inch or larger)

              1  Marble composition notebook

              5  Notebook dividers

              1  2-pocket folder




              1  2 inch Binder



              1  1 1/2 or 2 inch binder

              4  Dry erase markers




              1 1-Subject Notebook