• Pineapple of the Week!

    Keep Calm  

    Monday -As the "Pineapple" of the week, please bring in a few special/meaningful items to share with the rest of our class today! (Pictures, stuffed animals, collective items, etc.)

    Tuesday Our “Pineapple”  will choose 2 friends to have lunch with Miss Golding and Ms. Coughlan!

    Wednesday Our "Pineapple" will have a night off of homework! If another teacher from a special area has assigned homework, your child must still complete that homework for that specific class.

    Thursday - Our "Pineapple" will bring in their favorite book to share with the class. Please make sure the story is no longer than 15 minutes. 

    Friday Our "Pineapple" will pick a special prize from the prize box!