• Reading pineapples

    "Students read more, understand more, and are likely to continue reading when they have the opportunity to choose what they read."

    - Richard L. Allington and Rachel E. Gabriel

    "When readers are lost in a book, they stand a good chance of finding themselves."

    - Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst 


    Fundations provides a research-based program that includes instruction and assessments.  It provides students with thorough practice and does everything possible to help them become completely proficient rather than just cover a standards-based curriculum.  By teaching concepts fully and supporting student learning throughout, student mastery and success is inevitable.  The instructional principles for teaching reading and writing have been identified by research and Fundations provides a program that incorporates these important principles.

    * Fundations provides specific measurable student learning objectives which are aligned to the College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core State Standards CCSS)

    * Fundations provides an integrated systematic word study, spelling, and handwriting curriculum.

    * All parts of a Fundations lesson sequence relate to the unit objective(s)

    * Every lesson naturally builds upon students' prior knowledge; and  past concepts are reviewed and integrated within the learning activities.

    * Every lesson is accessible to all students because the concepts are taught and practiced in multiple ways that target multiple learning styles.

    * Fundations lessons provide students with multiple opportunities to meaningfully practice concepts, skills, and strategies.  Guidance and immediate feedback is given during practice so that the student's correct responses are reinforced.

    * Within a Fundations lesson, challenges to students can be provided by differentiation interactions and questions posed to individuals.

    The purpose of instruction is learning to both read and write for meaning, understanding, and joy.  The purpose of Fundations is to provide a truly strong and secure foundation for that reading success, with FUN!

    WIT and WISDOM

    Students will: