• Remote Learning Week of 3/30 Lesson 3

    Grades K-3

    Hello everyone I hope this week's lesson finds you all healthy and happy. I miss all of you, especially your fabulous artwork!

    Positive Creations

    Find a rock and decorate it with a positive picture or message.

    Examples: A rainbow,  positive word, or a funny face.

    -Materials: Paint, crayons, markers.

    **If you can not find a rock: create a positive picture or message and place it on your front door or window.

    -Print your name,  your grade, and teacher on the back. 

    -This project will become a school wide project when we get back to school. If you would like to send a photo to me via email please do. I love the pictures! 

    My email is sgrady@brielle.org

    I miss you all! Happy creating, and keep your photos coming.


    Mrs. Grady