• Remote Learning Week of 4/6 Lesson 4

    Grades k-3 Due Thursday April 9th 

    Art teachers all over our country have given their students a challenge while remote learning,now it's our turn. Are  you ready?

    The Great Color Wheel Challenge

    This week we are taking part of the #greatcolorwheelchallenge 

    The color wheel has the primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue. The color wheel also has the secondary colors: Purple, Green, Orange. 

    See the example below of a color wheel



    I challenge you to go through your house and yard to find an object for each color on the color wheel. 

    Find ONE object for each color on the color wheel and place them in the correct color wheel order. 

    Snap a picture of your color wheel when it is complete and send me your final creation! I love seeing your work! If you have technical problems, just take a picture of your work and save it for when we return to school.

    Mrs. Grady's Emil: sgrady@brielleschool.org

    See example below