• Remote Learning Week of 4/15 Lesson 5

    Grades k-3 Due Friday April 17th 

    Hello my friends I am sure you all had a fun safe short break from school. With that being said this week's challenge relates to our Spring season.

    Look around  your yard or your neighborhood and you will notice signs of spring around you. Inside your home may even be signs of Spring , such as Easter eggs, did you and your family dye eggs to celebrate the holiday?

    Assignment: Draw (crayons, colored pencil, sidewalk chalk), color, or paint to create a still life arrangement of solely things we see during the Spring season. Have fun and be creative in your arrangement of sights of Spring. I have some examples to help. When done snap a picture and send it to me, or save until we arrive back at school. Have fun and know I am missing each of you in the art room. 

    Colorfully, Mrs. Grady

    Snap a picture of your spring still life when it is complete and send me your final creation! I love seeing your work! If you have technical problems, just take a picture of your work and save it for when we return to school.

    When sending your work, PLEASE INCLUDE first and last name along with grade. 

    Mrs. Grady's Email: sgrady@brielleschool.org