• Remote Learning Week of 6/1 Lesson 12

    Grades k-3 Due Friday June 5th

    Hello my friends, I miss all of you, however viewing your work each week truly helps! I really appreciate your artwork. Keep up the great work. I apologize for the late update this week, there was technical problems with the school webpage.

    This week's challenge: As we approach the end of the school year we will do a short review of elements we have learned about this school year.The elements of art are features that are included in an art piece to help the artist communicate.The elements we have studied this year were line, shape, texture, form, space, and color.

    Keeping the elements in mine, line, shape, and color will be emphasised this week. Use basic shapes to create your own imaginary Robot! Think about how cool it would be to actually have your own robot.Try to include at least 5 shapes; square,circle,oval,triangle,and rectangle are just a few. Have fun creating and trying to fill your paper with a colorful, imaginative robot.