• Mermaid or Shark of the Week


    Mermaid of the Week                                                                                                         Shark of the Week


    Each week throughout the school year, our class will have a Shark or Mermaid of the Week.  You can pick which one you would like to be.  This is your week to shine and show the class who you are. 


    Monday:  Share your "Shark/Mermaid of the Week" poster with the class.  This will hang in our classroom all week for all your friends to see.


    Tuesday:  Show and Tell- On Monday afternoon, you will receive a shark/mermaid bag to take home and fill with a few of your favorite things.  Please bring up to five items and they need to fit in the bag.


    Wednesday: Read your favorite book to the class.  


    Thursday: I will read aloud a letter from the mermaid/shark's family telling the class why you are the shiniest mermaid/shark in the sea.


    Friday:  The shark/mermaid of the week will receive a certficate and pencil from the teacher.