• OT Connection

    Activities to improve handwriting skills can be easily incorporated into your child's daily routine at home and at school.

    Here's How . . .

    • Art projects such as origami, finger weaving, lace cards, coloring, painting.  Make mosaics using seeds, beans, paper scraps or other materials.
    • Water plants using a spray bottle.
    • Games such as light bright, pick-up-sticks, Kerplunk, jacks, spin tops, card games, Connect Four, Trouble, pop beads.
    • Silly putty or play dough.  Hide coins, small pegs, or beads then try to find them.
    • Play Simon Says, Twister, hop scotch, jump rope.
    • Finger plays such as Itsy Bitsy Spider.
    • Finger puppets
    • Play piano or just pretend.  Air guitar can be fun too!
    • Color with paper taped to wall or placed on an easel.  Writing on the chalkboard or white board.
    • Tug of War with a straw.
    • Have your child draw with fingers in various textured materials such as rice or sand.
    • Wheel barrel walk, or animal walks such as crab walk or bear walk.
  • Sometimes just by improving fine motor skills it translates to better penmanship!