Each week throughout the school year, our class will have a Very Important Person of the Week. This is your week to shine and show the class who you are. 


    Instructions for V.I.P. of the Week


    Monday:  V.I.P Poster- The V.I.P. will complete a poster at home that includes pictures of family, friends, pets, favorites, or whatever you would like your classmates to know about you.  Be creative.  This will come into school on Monday to share with the class and be displayed the whole week.  


    Tuesday:  Show and Tell- On Monday afternoon you will receive a bag to take home and fill with three special items.  Your child will share these items with the class on Tuesday.  Try to encourage your child to choose items that have some sort of meaning rather than just a collection of toys.


    Wednesday:  Favorite Book- The V.I.P. will bring his or her favorite book to school to read to the class.  The student can choose to read the book aloud or have the teacher read it aloud to the class.


    Thursday: Parent Letter- Parents, you will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you and why they are the most important person in the world.  Send the letter in a sealed envelope to school with your child, and I will read the letter to the class. The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from one of the following ideas: Answer the following, “Why is my child the most important person in the world?”, describe special or funny stories about your child for the class to hear, write a silly or serious poem about your child, tell us some neat things we may not know about your child, or send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures.    


    Friday: V.I.P. Certificate- The V.I.P. will receive a certificate and pencil from the teacher.