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    Mrs. McWilliams and Ms. Goodwin

  • “Willy Wonka”

    Cast List

    Willy Wonka-Justin Giegerich

    Candy Man- Matt McGovern

    Charlie Bucket- Brendan Gillespie

    Mr. Bucket- Nick Aromando

    Mrs. Bucket-Patricia McKiever

    Grandma Georgina-MaryGrace Iorio

    Grandpa George- Jeff Hall

    Grandma Josephina- Sierra Blanco

    Grandpa Joe- Griffin Smyth

    Phineous Trout-Shawn Harriman

    Augustus Gloop- Michael Keenan

    Mrs. Gloop -Annie Salaway

    Veruca Salt- Sarah Ferenz

    Mr. Salt- Jack Gombos

    Violet Beauregarde- Sarah Takash

    Mrs. Beauregarde-Christine Leonhardt

    Mike Teavee- Logan Campanelli

    Mrs. Teavee- Tess Abadrabo


    Candy Man Kids

    James- Justin Condoluci/Ian Waldman

    Matilda- Lucy McGinty

    Sophie- Kirsten Barnes

    Agnes- Sarah Hendricks

    Claire- Emma Craven

    Henry- Josh Gallagher 


    Oompa Loompa Captains

    Emma  Craven

    Ian Waldman

    Oompa Loompas

    Erinne Regan

    Brona Nielsen

    Summer Smith

    Victoria Cancro

    Lucy McGinty

    Sarah Hendricks

    Kirsten Barnes

    Josh Gallagher

    Jack McCrink

    Dominick Graziano

    Justin Condoluci

    Robert Maes

    Sean Jamaca

    Ana Taboada


    Confectionary Cooks

    Alison Conrad

    Caroline Corrigan

    Berit Walters

    Ally Valdez

    Erin Beaton



    Olivia Munn

    Kelly Duffe

    Bridget Savage

    Molly Keenan

    Hailey Crecca

    Patricia McKiever


    Stage Crew

    Shane McNamara- Backstage Manager

    Melissa Geissler- Asst. Backstage Manager

    Cary Hilla- Asst. Backstage Manager

    Dane Brazinski/Mason Piercey Curtain

    Alice Boyce- Book Prompter/Costumes/Runner

    Louis Harvey-House Door/Lights

    Matthew Mulrenan-House Door/Lights 

    Tom Pollack-Backstage Set/Props

    Ethan Kotar- Backstage/Set/Props

    Evan S torer-Backstage/Set/Props

    Jeremy Bogie-Sound/Lighting



    Willy Wonka- Matt McGovern

    Charlie- Ian Waldman

    Grandpa Joe- Jeff Hall

    Veruca- Emma Craven

    Violet- Sarah Hendricks/Alice Boyce

    Augustus- Robert Maes

    Mike Teavee-Jack McCrink