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    Homework is an important aspect of school. Homework is given to reinforce the skills that are taught in the classroom. Please be sure to check your child's homework assignment pad daily for homework that is due or upcoming.
    At the beginning of each marking period students receive a 100% for a homework grade. For every missed assignment, 5 points will be deducted from the grade. For example, if a student misses 2 homework assignments in reading, the homework grade would be a 90%. The homework grade is averaged into the grade just like a test or quiz would be.

    When a student is absent,  they will be given time to make up the missed work.  For each day that the student is absent, they will get two days to make up the work.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the work is turned in to the teacher on time. 

    A "While You Were Out" sheet will be filled out by the teacher when the student is absent and placed in their mailbox.  This sheet will tell them the work that was missed.  When the student returns, the student should check their mailbox for their work and bring it home.  The work should be attached to the "While You Were Out" sheet and handed in when ready and due.  If the parent would like the work dropped off in the office (due to an illness), then this can be done.  The teacher will need to know first thing in the morning by leaving a message.  The work will then be delivered to the office before dismissal that day. 

    Please be informed that it is school policy NOT to give homework to students that are going away on vacation.  The missed work will be collected and placed in their mailbox until they return.  

    The Homework/News section of my webpage is an important place to check for homework, projects, tests, quizzes, etc.  It is my belief that students need to become responsible learners by writing down and remembering their homework.  The agenda is a useful tool where homework, projects, etc. should be written down.  I give students plenty of time to write down their homework in it daily.  The Homework/News section of my webpage should not be used in place of the Agenda.  

    Please refer to the Brielle Calendar for our school's grading scale.

    In 3rd grade we use a standards based report card - Please refer to the below:

    4 - Exceeds Standards

    3 - Meets Standards

    2 - Approaching Standards

    1 - Needs Support