*Below are a few reminders for you and your child*


    1.   He / she will be responsible for all jobs for the whole week.

    2.    He/she will be able to sit in a Rollie Chair at their desk.


    3.   The Friday before your child is Peacekeeper, they will be given an “All about Me” page to fill out.  Please make sure it comes back to school Monday!

    4.   He/she should bring in a favorite picture, (either 3x5 or 5x7 - no larger), to share on Monday.

    5.   He/she will give a “book talk” -- In class on Wednesday, your child will give us a sneak peak about a book they have read recently.  Please remember to bring the book in.

    ·        Their book choice will be displayed in the classroom for others to check out! 

    ·        Please try to help them prepare/practice the night before. See back for help!  Their “talk” should be brief, but exciting.

    6.    The Peacekeeper will receive a book of letters at the end of their special week.  (*All students will write a letter to the Peacekeeper on Wednesday night as HOMEWORK.)


    Peacekeeper List


    Week of: