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    Be sure to read a total of 45 minutes every week  

     The goal for my students is that they become lifelong readers and writers. During Literacy instruction/Reading Workshop, students will engage in mini-lessons on reading strategies and skills that I demonstrate.  They will have the opportunity to practice these skills and read from self-selected books.  In addition to independent reading, students will also participate in guided reading.  During guided reading, I will work with a small group of students who have similar learning needs. Explicit instruction and ample practice ensure students' growth in reading proficiency. Each week's lesson integrates grammar and writing for a total language arts approach.

    *As you know, students were assessed with running records in September at which time they were given a reading level by letter.  For students to succeed in reading they must read at their independent reading level which is 96% accuracy.  Many parents have asked for book title suggestions.  Please go to the TCRWP website to check out book titles.  You may browse and download the latest lists or scroll down on the page and search by genre or theme. This is a great resource for you and your child!

    *Throughout the year we will also read several novels in class in addition to the Reading textbook.