•  Parent Volunteers 

    If you couldn't attend the meeting, please view the list below and decide where you can help out!Call 732-528-6400 ext.166 and leave a message or email your area of interest to jmcwilliams@brielle.k12.nj.us

     Thanks so much for your anticipated support!

  •  “Into the Woods ” Production Team

    Director/Producer- JoAnn McWilliams 

    Assistant Director/Producer -Jillian McAlary

    Musical Director- Janet Musso                                                                                

    Asst. Musical Director- Lynne Truex

    Jr. Asst.  Directors- Brendan Gillespie, Colin Waldman (Manasquan HS students ) 

    Choreographers-  Kathy Pearlberg, JoAnn McWilliamsJillian McAlary, Brendan Gillespie, Mary Grace Iorio

    Sound Technicians-  Dave Buckle, Dave Buckle Jr. 

    Asst. Technicians-  Tom McWilliams, John Pierciey

    Playbill Publisher/Editor–  Darlene Finkenauer

    Playbill Promotions -Barbara Grasso

    Set/Prop Creations- Jayne Hassel ( Baker's Oven, Rapunzel's Tower, Cinderella's Fireplace, Runaway Hen),  Peter Symonowicz (Cinderella's Mother's Tree), Freddie Fiorintino ( Granny's Bed), Mike Storer (Jack's Beanstalk)

    Set Artists-   *Andrea Shuett ,  Bridget Sawitsky

    Promotional Cutout-  Pete Petosa

    Backdrop Artist - Joiana Iacono                                                                                         

    Backdrop Parent Painting Crew JoAnn and Tom McWilliams, Jillian McAlary, Janet Musso, Kenn Yee, Art and Betsy Blanco, Larry and MaryBeth Wheeler, Laurie Murphy, , Maureen Honecker, Judy Hilla, , Carol Stark,  Nancy Swanson,  Karen Dettlinger, Brian Finnegan, Ellen Visceglia, Carmina Symonowicz, Michelle and Layla Keelin, Andrea Schuett, Bridget Sawitsky, Nancy Swanson, John Pierciey, Jessica McCusker, Lisa Petrone, Karen Murphy, Christine Laufer,  MaryLee Stamos,  Sandy Crowe, Beth Smith, Anne Lopez, Amanda O'Neill, Karen Murphy 

    Costumes-*Bridgette Markuson,  JoAnn McWilliams, Jayne Hassel , Gayle Noe (Rapunzel's Braid)

    Seamstress- Laura Teza

    Jester Costume Seamstress - Lucinda (Cindy) Tufts (retired BES teacher)

    Costume  Organization/ Steaming - Judy Hilla, Lisa Petrone, Maureen Honecker, Amanda O'Neill, Jess McCusker

    Makeup Artists-*Bonnie Devereux, Lorene Colon, Karin Finnegan, Amanda O'Neill, Carmina Symonowicz,  Sarah Chiarella, Patty Guzzo, Alison Schmidt, Suzanne Witkin

    Tickets -* Kathy Habick, Betsy Blanco,

     Publicity- * Ellen Visceglia

    T-Shirts -  * Nancy Swanson, Kristine Anderson, Mercedes Wall, Carol Stark

    Show Photographer-  Steve Speicher

    Videographer-Matt Pona,  Pete Symonowicz

    Cast Party-   *Brenda Fuller,  Kathy Polesky, Laura Teza, Sarah Chiarella,Christine, Laufer, Lorene Colon,

    Dressing Room Supervision Evening Performances

    ThursdayRachel Hendricks,  Jill Caccamise 

    Saturday Matinee-   Kristine Anderson, Mercedes Wall, Karen Dettlinger, Allison Milancewich,

    Saturday Evening-  Susan Kane, Anne Lopez, Suzanne Witkin

    * Chairperson