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    I highly recommend that the STAR binder/assignment pad be used in our classroom.  It is a wonderful tool!  When used properly, it can help a student become more responsible, organized, and confident, just to name a few.  In order for it to be effective, it should be used and monitored by parents and teachers on a daily basis. 

    We will be going over what the assignment pad is used for and how to use it during the first couple weeks of school. Most students are familiar with it from previous years.  I like to go over its importance in the beginning and throughout the school year.

    The assignment pad can be used for a number of things.  

    1.  Homework

    2.  Tests/Quizzes

    3.  Projects including book reports, etc.

    4.  Time management

    5.  Class trips, events

    6.  Brief, written communication between home and school (parent/teacher)

    7.  Reminders