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    Author Unknown

    I dreamed I stood in a studio 
      and watched two sculptors there.
    The clay they used was a child's mind,
      they fashioned it with care.
    One was a teacher,
      the tools she used were books, music and art.
    One was a parent,
      with a guiding hand and a gentle, loving heart.
    Day after day the teacher toiled,
      with a touch that was strong and sure.
    While the parent labored by her side,
      with a heart that was clear and pure.
    And when at last their task was done,
      they stood proud of what they had wrought,
    For things they had molded into the child
      could neither be sold or bought.
    And each agreed they would have failed
      if they had worked alone.
    For behind the parent stood the school . . .
      and behind the teacher, the home.

  • An article on the importance of bedtime stories...
    This porridge is just right!

    Reading Selection Rules

    There are some simple ways to help your child select a

    book that is "just right" for him /her to read .

      Goldilocks Method


    "Too Easy" Books

    1. The book is short.

    2. The print is big.

    3. You have read the book before.

    4. You know all the words in the books.

    5. The book has lots of pictures.

    "Too Hard" Books

    1. The book is long.

    2. The print is small.

    3. There aren't many pictures in the book.

    4. There are a lot of words that you can't figure out.

    5. There's no one to help you if you get stuck.

    6. You don't know much about this subject.

    "Just Right" Books

    1. The book looks interesting.

    2. You can figure out most of the words in the book.

    3. Someone has read this book aloud to you.

    4. You have read other books by this author.

    5. There is someone to give you help if you need it.

    6. You know something about this subject.

    The Goldilocks Test

    Too Easy

    1. Have you read it lots of times before?

    2. Do you understand the story really well?

    3. Do you know almost every word?

    4. Can you read it smoothly?

    Just Right

    1. Is this book new to you?

    2. Do you understand a lot of the book?

    3. Are there just a few words on a page that you don't know?

    4. When you read, are some places smooth and some choppy?

    Too Hard

    1. Are there more than 5 words on a page that you don't know?

    2. Are you confused about what is happening in most of this book?

    3. When you read, does it sound pretty choppy?

    4. Is everyone else busy and unable to help you?

    If there are 5 or more unknown words on the page, the book is too

    hard for him/her and your child needs to read the book with someone.

    Graphics by Jo

    Thank you to Mrs. Georgia  Hayes, a first grade teacher in South Dakota, for this information!!!

    Graphic by Joe
  • Read, read, read!!

    Ways to Help Your Child Read Well

    Five Finger Rule
    This is one way to help your child choose a book.  While reading the first page of a book, count the unknown words (using fingers to keep track is fine).  If there are five or more, the book is too hard for now.  Read that book together!

    Reading Just the Right Book
    The book that is just right is the one that your child can read independently.  It is not too hard and it is not too easy.  It's just right for their reading level.

    Harder Books
    Children may be at the point to be reading chapter books because they are able to read many words.  However, they might not understand what's being read.  Ask your child questions about the story to see if they are understanding what's happening in the story.

    Graphic by Joe