• Rock Star of the Week




    Each week we will celebtrate a student from our class as our Rock Star of the Week! This really allows us to get to know each other in a fun way! It also helps us with our listening and speaking.  

    Monday: The student will bring in at least five pictures from home that he/she would like to share with the class. The Rock Star will also share their completed Rock Star Profile and share it with the class.

    Tuesday: Our Rock Star will share three special items from home with the class. Please refrain from sending all toys. Try to have your child choose items that are meaningful to them and would help us learn more about him/her. 

    Wednesday: The Rock Star will bring in his/her favorite book and either he/she will read it aloud to the class or I can as well.

    Thursday: I will read aloud a letter from the Rock Star's family telling the class why he/she rocks!

    Friday: The Rock Star will choose a prize from the prize box and receive a special Rock Star certificate.  


    * Thank you to teacher, Beth Newingham, for this great idea!