• Are my pencils sharpened?


    1st Grade Supply List



    *two folders with pockets on each side

    *two composition notebooks (any cover will do)

    *one zippered pouch for desk supplies

    *extra pencils and erasers

    *one package of dry-erase whiteboard markers (thin)

    *one 12 pack box of crayons

    *ear buds or headphones

    *hand sanitizer



    **OPTIONAL – colored pencils or markers (NO SHARPIES)


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    Please check with your child weekly or monthly to see if his/her school supplies need to be replenished, especially sharpened pencils and glue sticks.
  • Take-Home Folders

    Please make sure to check your child's Take-home folder each night.  Remove finished work and any notices.  Use the folder to send me notes to school as well.  Make sure your child is aware the note is in there.

    Thank you!

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    Zippered Pouch (pencil case) or Soft Pencil Box

    I kindly ask for a zippered pencil case or soft pencil box because the hard pencil boxes will break when they fall out of desks.  Thank you!