The Top Dog will bring a poster with pictures, stickers or cut outs of their favorite things, activities, trips and pets.

    • Top Dog will take home "Top Dog Bag" to fill with items they want to share with the class (toy, trophy, stuffed animal, favorite book, etc...)
    •  The Top Dog will take over all classroom jobs for the week.
    • The Top Dog will answer questions about himself/herself in front of class.


    • TOP Dog will share items they put in Top Dog Bag
    • Class will work on book for Top Dog  for homework
    • Top Dogs family will be asked to write a short note to the Top Dog to be included in class booklet.


    • Top Dog will pick 2 friends and eat lunch with Mrs. Shaak in the classroom

           (you can still by lunch if you would like and we will bring it back to the classroom to eat)


    Thursday or Friday

    • Top Dog may bring in a special guest to read a story or make a project. Thursday's or Friday's: 2:25 pm
    •  The Top Dog may bring in a special snack to share with the class.
    • The Top Dog will be presented with a "Top Dog" book containing positive letters from fellow classmates