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  • Morning Meeting is part of the Responsive Classroom Approach to teaching and learning.  It's mission is to help the classroom to become a caring community where social and academic learning is nurtured.  This approach emphasizes CARES - cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. 

    Morning Meeting is a daily routine used to start the school day.  There are many purposes of the meeting including, creating a climate of trust, increasing students' confidence, to practice academic skills, and improving children's communication skills.

    Every morning will start out with....

    1. Greeting: Children greet each other by name, often including handshaking, clapping, singing, and other activities.

    2. Sharing: Students share some news of interest to the class and respond to each other, practicing communication skills and learning about one another.

    3. Group Activity: The whole class does a short activity together, building class cohesion through active participation.

    4. Morning Message: Students develop language skills and learn about the events in the day ahead by reading and discussing a daily chart posted by me.  

    Taken from The First Six Weeks of School by Paula Denton & Roxann Kriete