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  •  Welcome to 4th grade Social Studies and Science. In Social Studies, we will be learning about the 50 states. The children will be required to know all 50 states and their capitals. Our Science program is interactive. The students will be conducting experiments in class. The children will receive grades for participation, test/quizzes, class work/homework, and projects.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions. I can be reached via e-mail or at (732) 528-6400, ext. 193. I am looking forward to a great year!



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    Please have your child bring in any photos of places that they travelled to within the United States to display on the classroom map. The picture should be labeled and be no bigger than 4 X 6 inches. 

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    Please be conscious of food allergies when sending in a snack or treat. Birthdays will be celebrated around 10:00 in the morning.




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