• Surfer of the Week:









     Surfer of the Week



    • The Surfer of the Week will bring in 3-5 photos, stickers or cut outs of their favorite things, activities, trips and pets along with their completed "All About Me" sheet (sent home the Friday before to be completed over the weekend) to share with the class and display on the Surfer of the Week Bulletin Board.
    •  The Surfer of the Week will take over all classroom jobs for the week.


    • Students will write a friendly letter to the Surfer of the Week for homework.
    • Surfer of the week will bring in the book "that made them a reader" and conduct a book talk with their classmates.
      • Surfer of the Week will pick 2 friends and eat lunch with Ms. McAlary in the classroom.

    (You can still buy lunch if you would like and we will bring it back to the classroom to eat)


    • The Surfer of the Week will be presented with a “Surfer of the Week “book containing positive letters from fellow classmates.