• This page is designed to help you think about what is coming up, questions to ask us or programs available for your child. 
    The Peer Leadership program is for 8th grade students.  Sometime in late Sept. or early October, Mrs. Mahon and I will make announcements and talk to the students about the program, hand out applications and decide who will do the program.  Some of the activities PL do is help in the k-2nd grade classrooms at lunch.  They do character education lessons for the 3rd grade students. The PL set up a thank you luncheon for all volunteers at our school.  They help at jump rope for heart and field day and sing holiday songs at a local nursing home.  Throughout the year, we may add other activities but generally speaking we like to keep it fun but serious enough to stress making a commitment to helping others.  
    The School Newspaper is run by Mrs. Hyland.  It is another extra-curricular for students that are interested.  The program starts in the fall and they produce a few publications throughout the year.  Again, announcements are made in the morning to get students interested in joining.  Keep in mind that announcements are made several times throughout the span of a week or two.  These types of announcements would be made in the fall.  
    Safety Patrol is run by Mr. Petosa and it is a year long commitment.  The Safety Patrol consists of 8th grade students.  Students are selected at the end of their 7th grade year to do it for following year.  

    The Academic Team is run by Miss Cardamone.  Acceptance is based on grades, test scores and teacher recommendation.  Generally speaking it is the top 3% of a particular grade.  That translates to close to perfect standardized test scores and very high A's on report card.  

    TV and News is run by Mr. DeBenedetto.  The news is announced by elected Student Government.  The behind the scenes jobs are available. It can not run without the help of kids who are seriously willing and able to commit to the productions.  
    As far as Volunteering or doing some sort of community service hours, students can come to me at any point in time and ask.  Throughout the year, things come up where we need help from students.  I am happy to set them up with something.
    The Yearbook is also another fun way to be involved but I am not sure if that is 7th and 8th or just 8th grade.  Mr. Fallon is the advisor.  

    Academically speaking, it is important for students to know that their grades in 7th grade are as important as their grades in 8th when it comes to getting into high school, getting into honors classes in high school and certain classes for 8th grade.  In the area of Math, students need to take AlgebraI with a final grade of 93 or higher to take Honors Lab Biology their freshman year of high school.  I know that is 3 years away for the current 6th grade students but it is important to note because again grades matter in 7th in order to qualify for that Algebra class in 8th.  As far as high school, student in 8th grade always need a 93 or higher in any subject that has an honors class.