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    ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES My role as Guidance Counselor at Brielle Elementary School is to help any student in need of academic, social and emotional assistance. I am a student advocate. I am not a disciplinarian. As Guidance Counselor, I am involved in activities and services that will enhance the quality of our students’ school experience. With that in mind, the following is a list of things I have done to fill that role: Intervention and Referral Service Committee Member · Meet with classroom teacher to discuss difficulty of student(s) · Provide teacher with a problem checklist to be completed · Review strategies and interventions in the classroom · Review current and past report card as well as standardized test scores of student in question · Set up meeting with parents and other I&RS committee members · Actively involve parents or legal guardian in the development and implementation of further interventions · Monitor and review progress of any student referred to the I&RS · Determine the success of the strategies and intervention · File all necessary paperwork on students 504 Coordinator Schedule and facilitate meetings with teachers and parents to set up, review and evaluate 504 plan Establish 504 plan for students if needed Distribute 504 plans to teachers making them aware of students needs Check the progress and monitor all students with 504 plans Sent progress reports home to parents Peer Leader/Mediator Advisor Facilitator of the peer leadership program Distributed and reviewed all applications for peer leadership Interviewed all students interested in peer leadership Participated in training on Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution with the peer leaders Peer Leader meetings once a week Prepared and supervised a variety of lessons done by peer leaders for 3rd grade students (“I” messages, feelings, communication, friendships, conflict resolution) Monitored “homework help” for primary grade students once a week after school with peer leaders Food drive “Kids Helping Kids” for Monmouth/Ocean food bank Collection for Soldiers in the military Testing Attend GEPA, Terra Nova and NJ Ask training sessions Trained in test security measures, coding the student demographic sheets Prepared examiners and proctors to administered the tests Distributed, collected and returned all tests and materials needed Set up schedules and room assignments for testing locations Individual Counseling and Group Counseling Study Habits, Skills and Responsibility Academic support Self Esteem Friendships Bereavement Single parent home life Peer problems and conflicts Stress School Anxiety High School Information Brought in representatives from St. Rose High School to talk to 8th grade students Inform all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students about the Monmouth County Vocational School District Schools Send out all high school applications to the MCVSD as well as some private schools Send transcripts to various high schools Community Service Programs Brought to Brielle The Escape School Program- a national program that teaches children how to prevent dangerous situations and escape potential abduction Anti Bullying Prevention by the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office Computer Crime Prevention Program for Parents and 6th, 7th and 8th grade students "Seek (Sheriff's Emergency Education for Kids) 9-1-1 USA YoYo Extravaganza Workshops Attended Anger Control Made Easy Bullying and Harassment Training by the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office Tips for Motivating At Risk Youth Section 504 Training Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation: Developing Effective Communication Skills Good Ideas Conference Classroom Inclusion Child Abuse Prevention Program Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder Section 504 and the IDEA: The Impact of Disability Laws on Students The Right To Know Disordered Eating:Signs, Strategies, Resources & Interventions Stress Management Anxiety Disorders in Children Sudden Death in School NJ's Student Support Services Planning and Development Project Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Loss, Grief, and Transition Dealing With Loss The Right Resource at the Right Time for Student and Counselor