• Five years ago, Brielle School began using the GO MATH! textbook for K-5th graders. This was a new Math series for all students and teachers. This year, hopefully the transition will go smoothly as we begin the 4th grade Math textbook after students have been working with the new series for a few years now. 


    The topics/chapters covered in 4th grade math as part of the GO MATH! book are as follows:

    Chapter 1: Place Value and Operations with Whole Numbers

    Chapter 2: Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

    Chapter 3: Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers

    Chapter 4: Divide by 1-Digit Numbers

    Chapter 5: Factors, Multiples, and Patterns

    Chapter 6: Fractions and Decimals

    Chapter 7: Add and Subtract Fractions

    Chapter 8: Multiple Fractions by Whole Numbers

    Chapter 9: Relate Fractions and Decimals

    Chapter 10: Two-Dimensional Figures

    Chapter 11: Angles

    Chapter 12: Relative Sizes of Measurement Units

    Chapter 13: Algebra: Perimeter and Area