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    Timeline for Student Government Election Procedure

    Tuesday, June 1st- Information for all interested students during lunch period.  Procedure, timeline and petitions explained and shared.  I highly recommend printing out this document so you can refer to it as often as you need.  

    Wednesday, June 2nd Petition and parent permission shared with Mrs. O’Reilly for approval.  The email should include the following:  I understand that my child will be running for Student Government and will abide by the timeline and fair campaigning.  

    Thursday, June 3rd Posters are due to Mrs. O’Reilly for approval (2 posters per candidate).  Posters must be brought to the door outside Mrs. O’Reilly’s office during homeroom.  Once your poster is approved, you may hang it up in the hallway of your homeroom or outside the all purpose room.  Please remember to bring your own masking tape as we are not sharing materials.  You are responsible for putting up your posters and taking them down.  Tape will not be provided.  

    Friday, June 4th- Primary Election-2 candidates per position.  Elections will take place during homeroom.  Posters come down by the end of the day on Friday.  Winner’s posters remain.  

    Monday, June 7th- Election Speeches are due to Mrs. O’Reilly for approval.  Speeches should be one page typed on google documents.  Please share Google Doc with boreilly@brielleschool.org

    Thursday, June 10th – Speeches made and elections to follow.  After election results are announced, all posters must be taken down.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. O’Reilly at 732-528-6400 ext. 218 or boreilly@brielleschool.org.

    Name_____________________   Position ___________________

    Student Government petition for election: 3 teacher signatures and 10 student signatures



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    2. ______________________________
    3. ______________________________


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