• The Little Mermaid Cast and Crew

    (in order of appearance)

    Pilot- Finn Dougherty

    Sailors- Ian Stark,  Brennan Sodano, Billy Cosgrove, Shaun McGowan, Teddy Weinstein, Quinn Chapman, Brad Chapman, Caleb Quatrone, Jack Carty, Justin Atnes, Joshua Jones

    Prince Eric- Danny Colon

    Grimsby- Conall Dougherty

    Seahorse- Jonathan Kane

    King Triton- James Finnegan

    Sebastien- Ava Chiarella

    Mersisters/Princesses of the Contest  

    Aquata-Angie Escamilla

    Andrina- Arianna Morales

    Arista- Sofia Wall

    Atina-Bella LePore

    Adella-Hannah Fallon

    Allana-  Summer Wilderotter 

    Ariel- Kiera Murphy

    Flounder- Cade Saito

    Scuttle- Casey Finnegan

    The Gulls- Andrew Hedden, Joey Lepore, Olivia Kutcher, Shea Nilsen

    Ursula- Gracie Visceglia

    Flotsam- Layla Keelan

    Jetsam- Becca Curran

    Carlotta - Lila Witkin

    Chef Louis- Jonathan Fonseca

    Asst. Chefs- Tyler Habick, Kevin Grasso, Alek Polesky, Gavin O’Connor,  Owen Roberts

    Sea Creatures and Lagoon Animals- Mattie Petrone, Maddy Anderson, Molly Dettlinger, Madison Heald ,Emilie Pierciey,,Sydney Caccamise, Arianna Morales, Hudson Gorham,Keilana Hill, Hope Lockwood,Maya Poljak, Campbell Krapp, Sophia Mechler,Kali Saito, Grace Nixon,Sadie Sitar

    Stage Crew

    Stage Managers- Aislinn Crowe, Allie Sproul, Quinn McCarthy

    Asst. Stage Manager- Michael Wheeler

    House Managers- Carly Coplin, Brooke Coplin

    Corey Habick-Runner

    Matt Laufer- Lighting Manager

    Grant Smith- Sound Manger

    James Hackett- Backstage

    Sean Sobol- Backstage

    Danny Speicher- Backstage

    Anthony Chermark- Curtain

    Kane Chapman-Backstage

    Curran Krapp- Backstage

    Declan Murphy- Backstage

    Kellen O’Neill -House

    Wesley Perk- House/Page Turner

    Heiti Villegas- Props/Costumes

    Allie Paterno- Props/Costumes

    Henry Hendricks- House

    Liam Marriott- Painting/Set Crew

    Thomas Stamos- Spotlight


    Ariel- Summer Wilderotter

    Prince Eric- Shaun McGowan

    King Triton- Quinn Chapman

    Sebastian- Molly Dettlinger

    Scuttle- Andrew Hedden

    Flounder- Justin Atnes

    Ursula- Casey Finnegan

    Mersisters-  Arianna Morales

    Flotsam/Jetsam- Sadie Sitar/Kali Saito

    Carlota- Maddie Anderson

    *Understudies must attend all rehearsals scheduled for their role and their understudy role!

  •  The Little Mermaid

    Cast and Crew List- The Little Mermaid


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