Anticipated vacancy: School Physical Therapist - part-time


    Anticipated vacancy for a part-time School Physical Therapist for the 2024 Extended School Year and the 2024-2025 school year. Approximately 2 days/5 hours per week.


    Interested contracted related service providers must provide their own liability and medical insurances and must hold the following certifications:

    NJ Department of Education School Physical Therapist license 

    NJ Department of Consumer Affairs Physical Therapist license


    1 year of experience working in a school setting is preferred.

    Qualified and interested applicants should send resume and cover letter to: resume@brielleschool.org, attention: Stacie Poelstra, Superintendent/Principal.

    Anticipated vacancy: Director of Student Personnel Services/Guidance

    Effective July 1, 2024 


    N.J. Certification: Holds a supervisor certificate and a director of school counseling services certificate.

    General Description: The Director of Student Personnel Services/Guidance directs the planning, development, organization, management, direction, and implementation of all aspects of student services for the    District, which include, but are not limited to, special education, code of conduct, social-emotional programming and counseling, Intervention and Referral Services, and Section 504.  The Director is responsible for providing professional leadership in the supervision of staff and program delivery, including professional development and evaluation of programs to enhance the student experience. 

    Assist the Superintendent/Principal in the overall administration of the school, and when assigned, assume the duties of the Superintendent/Principal in his/her absence.

    Lead the development and execution of the special education program, including oversight of curriculum and compliance with state requirements, evaluation of staff, submission of required reports, analysis of student progress, and evaluation of program.

    Lead processes related to student services, including counseling, I and RS, Section 504,  Gifted and Talented, and ELL programming.  Within these programs, make recommendations and implement changes to foster ongoing enhancements to support student growth and achievement.

    Oversee the operation of the School Health Office, including supervision of school nurses. 

    Assist the Superintendent/Principal in the preparation of the district budget and in the conduct of school activities within budgetary limits.

    Assist the Superintendent/Principal in developing the master schedule and in making staffing decisions to effectively meet district responsibilities and implement programming.  

    Assist the Superintendent/Principal in the planning and implementation of professional development programming to advance district goals and enhance teacher performance.

    Serve as the District Testing Coordinator and lead the implementation of the district testing program.

    Observe and evaluate certificated staff as required by NJAchieve.  

    Serve as the school’s liaison to BEPAG and support other community outreach efforts as appropriate

    Qualified applicants please send cover letter and resume to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Anticipated vacancy: Dean of Students 

    Effective July 1, 2024

    General Description: The Dean of Students will support the creation and maintenance of a positive school environment, identifying and implementing best practices for supporting students with non academic issues that can enhance their ability to fully access all facets of the educational program.  The Dean of Students will also serve in a supervisory role for staff, developing collective efficacy and building professionalism throughout the school.    

    N.J. Certification: Holds a supervisor certificate

    Duties & Responsibilities of Position:

    Student Support:

    Monitor student attendance, including correspondence with families and development of attendance plans as appropriate. 

    Advance compliance with Code of Conduct by presenting to students, working with counselors and teachers, and implementing a consistent program of consequences and restorative education. 

    Compile, analyze, and share student discipline data regularly, and use that analysis to make recommendations for appropriate revision to policies that foster improvements to school climate and student behavior; complete state reports related to student discipline.

    Collaborate with school counselors and administration to create and maintain research-based behavioral interventions, and train faculty and staff accordingly.

    Serve as the District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, executing all statutorily required duties of the position; complete state reports as required by the NJ HIB law.

    Organize and oversee supervision of non-academic time (lunch, recess, arrival, dismissal) to ensure student safety and effective school operations.

    Support co-curricular and athletic programming by organizing schedules, coordinating events, providing guidance to advisors, communicating with stakeholders, and attending events as appropriate.

    Lead organization of the 8th grade trip, including coordination with tour company, presenting for parents and students, and managing logistics related to the trip. 

    Oversee and plan eighth grade events, including the graduation ceremony, in collaboration with teachers and administration.

    Work with instructional staff to coordinate and implement field trips, assemblies, and school events. 

    Oversee registration and scheduling for BEACON before care and after care programming. 

    Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent/Principal. 


    Staff Supervision:

    Observe and evaluate certificated staff as required by NJAchieve. 

    Observe and evaluate non-certificated staff (instructional aides, lunch aides, club advisors, coaches).

    Assist Superintendent/Principal with staff scheduling as required.

    Assist the Director of Student Personnel Services in the planning and execution of the district testing program, and other district initiatives as required.  

    Qualified applicants please send cover letter and resume to: resume@brielleschool.org


    Anticipated Vacancy: 1:1 School Nurse: Special Education/Student Support Services


    1:1 Nurse for a student with special needs. The Nurse will serve in a 1:1 setting in the classroom.

    School Nurse certification preferred, RN or LPN is acceptable.


    2024-2025 School Year: September - June: Monday - Friday, 7:45am - 3:15pm


    2024 ESY Summer Program - July 8, 2024 - August 8, 2024, Monday - Thursday, 8am-11am.

    Anticipated Vacancy: School Nurse for the 2024 Extended School Year (ESY) Program

    School Nurse certification is required. 

    Anticipated Schedule:

    June 24th - August 8th
    Monday - Friday 
    8:00 am - 12:00 pm
    (Closed July 4th & July 5th 2024)

    School Nurse certification is required. Please send cover letter, resume, and a copy of school nurse certificate to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Substitute School Nurse

    2023-2024 school year

    Standard School Nurse certificate or Substitute School Nurse certificate required

    Qualified applicants please send letter of interest, resume, and copy of certification to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Lunch Aides & Substitute Lunch Aides

    2023-2024 School Year

    2.5 hours per day $15.25 per hour

    Please send a letter of interest to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Substitute Teachers 

    2023-2024 School Year

    $115.00 per diem Substitute Teaching Certificate

    $140.00 per diem NJDOE Teaching Certificate

    Send resume and cover letter to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Substitute Custodians

    2023-2024 School Year

    $15.50 per hour

    Send resume and cover letter to: resume@brielleschool.org

    Substitute Secretaries

    2023-2024 School Year

    $115.00 per diem substitute certificate holders

    Send resume and cover letter to: resume@brielleschool.org