• Welcome to Third Grade!!!

  • 2023-2024 Sailors

    • We are going to have a great year of learning and growing together!!!
    • Our Third Grade Supply List can be found by clicking HERE
    • Check out "Useful Links" on the left of the website.  Here you will find links to frequently used sites, as well as additional games to play!



    1.  Outdoor Scavenger Hunt can be found by clicking HERE
      • In a google doc, email, or handwrite- Tell me how it goes.  Use these questions to help you:
        • How many items did you find?
        • How long were you out outside trying to find the items on the list?
        • Was there anything you couldn't find?
        • Did you have anyone help you find things?
    2. Learn HOW TO draw different pictures.  Click HERE to go to a video of how to draw Baby Yoda.  From there you can select a video from the right side to choose which picture you would like to learn how to draw from Art for Kids Hub 
      • In a google doc or email- Tell me how it goes.  Use these questions to help you:
        • What did you choose to draw? 
        • Did you have to pause the video or go back and watch certain parts over?  Maybe you did both!
        • Did you give up? 
        • Did you make different pictures or only try one? 
        • Did you end up coloring your picture?
        • Is there something you want to learn to draw, but couldn't find a video for it? 
    3. Practice math facts (Xtramath, IXL, Sumdog, Prodigy, or any other math sites posted under useful links)
    4. Independenly Read for 20-30 minutes
    5. Click HERE to access spelling lists!  Pick a list, have someone ask you each word, and see how you do! 


    We love birthday celebrations!

    Students are welcome to bring in a treat for the class to enjoy on their special day! You can send the treat into school with your child or drop it off to the main office in the morning.  **Unfortunately, until further notice, we are not able to celebrate birthdays with treats.  We will sing Happy Birthday and I have a few special items I will give your child on their special day!**







    Monday: Meditation Monday - Starting the week with calming yoga

    Tuesday: Turn and Talk Tuesday - Sharing weekend Highlights

    Wednesday: We Can Do It Wednesday - We will work on building a positive learning community.

    Thursday: All Aboard! Students will split in to small groups and play a board game.

    Friday: Feel Good Friday! We will build confidence in ourselves as well as give it to others!







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    Lucille Yanok

    Julie Smith