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    Virtual Learning Assignments


    Week of 18 May (off Friday the 22nd) 


    Grades K

    There will not be an assignment for kindergarten classes this week for the Media Center.


    Grades 1 and 2

    I found and recreated a video featuring Mo Willems!!! Please chill out with Mo as he doodles some of his favorite characters from his books. Follow his directions and share your Mo Doodle with me via e-mail...I would love to see them!!!! The video will be linked to mom or dad's email.


    Grade 3

    For grade 3, I would like to jump back into the keyboarding. Please visit typing.com and make sure that your computer is already logged into your Google account. This week's lesson is a review of what they saw in the previous 2 weeks. Continue on with your lessons and I will check up on them throughout the week. Make sure you are doing them...check your google classroom page.


    Grade 4/5

    Using a Mouse?

    Please visit the site... typing.com

    Using your Google sign in, please access your account and look for the assignment, "Using a Mouse".

    Following the directions and complete the assignment. Turn it in when done. Then go back into Google Classroom and let me know you're finished. I will monitor your progress on the site. Remember, any questions please message me. 



    Grade 6 and 7 


    No assignment this week due to the day off on Friday, May 22nd. Concentrate on those core classes. If any of those classes require some tech help, please feel free to ask. 



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