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    Gym Google Classroom Codes

    7-1 (m,t,w) = dukv544

    7-2 (m,w,th) = lapsrxm

    7-3 (t,th,f) = osrsgzq

    4-L = 2peo46p

    4-Y = 2peo46p

    4-K = yvvkvcr

  • Grading Policy

    Gym Activities

    9 pts per week = 3 pts per day

    • 1 point - Being Prepared = clothes that allow you to be active and shoes that tie  (6-8th graders will be required to change for each gym period)

    • 1 point - Participation = Students are required to participate in each gym activity 

    • 1 point - Sportsmanship = Students will show respect for themselves, classmates, teacher, and equipment


    Other Assignments/Grades

    Students will be given different assignments over the course of the trimester that will correlate with the activity that they are working on.  These assignments will be done through google classroom.  For example, if we are doing a unit on basketball.  The students may be given a google doc on the rules of the game and have to answer a few questions on what they have read. Each assignment will be worth 10 pts.