• Grading Policy


    IC/STEM Class

    All Stem classes assignments can be found on their Google Classroom.  


    For grades 5-8 all students start with a 100 average.  Each unprepared counts as minus 5.  Grades K-4 will result in a lose of points for every unprepared, with an unsatisfactory grade for the marking period after 5 unprepareds. Any other problems in class such as behavior, not participating in activity, not doing exercises, gum chewing can result in the loss of points as well. 

    5-8th grade students will now be assigned a numeric grade for gym on their report card.


    Health is a numeric grade on your report card.  Here is the break down of points.

    Test / Quizes = 50 %

    Classwork / Participation = 25 %

    Homework = 25 %

    Late Work Policy

    There will be a due date for all assignments given to you.  It is your responsibility to hand in all assignments on their due date.  If an assignment is not handed in on its due date it can be handed in the next class period for half credit.  If it is not handed in the next class it will result in a zero for the assignment.  When that assignment becomes a ZERO, that assignment can not be made up.


    Make Up Work

    If you are absent one day, you have one day to make up that assignment.  If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you will make up the test or quiz the following health class. 

  • IC/STEM Class Objective

    Students will use a hands on approach to learning, while reaching a higher-level critical thinking skills needed to solve problems in the real world.  Students will work on a variety of hands on projects in the classroom and will be required to keep a written journal everyday that their class meets documenting their work in class.

    Projects - 5 - 20 pts each (depending on the project)

    Journal - 10 pts per week