Mrs. Devereux's
                                  Sweet Class                                                                             
    Welcome to First Grade!  I can not wait to meet you.  We are going to have the SWEETEST year!

    Please see below for some useful information.

    • Pick up and drop off for First Grade will be at the East Side Reading Theater doors. This is located by the Police Department side of our building.
    • Please pack a snack for your child.  Please remember that our classroom is NUT FREE.
    PLEASE NOTE MY NEW EMAIL: bdevereux@brielleschool.org
    Please see our "Enriching Links" at the top
       left corner of our sweet webpage.

     School Supply List:

    3-2 pocket folders(STEM, Spanish, and desk)

    1 Marble Composition Notebook

    1-16 or 24 pack of crayons

    1-pack of colored pencils

    1-pack of markers(no Sharpies)

    8-large glue sticks

    1-large soft zipper pencil case

    1-pair of headphones( NO earbuds. They are difficult for 1st Graders)

    5-dry erase markers

    1 mouse for the chrome book(this will be used in STEM and in the classroom)


    3 packs of pencils


    2 packs of pencils