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    Sweet Class
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    *smock or oversized t-shirt for Art and classroom projects in a zip-loc bag with name written on it
    *two folders with pockets on each side
    *two marble composition notebooks
    *one zippered pouch or small plastic box for desk supplies
    *extra pencils and erasers
    *one dry-erase whiteboard marker
    *one 8 pack box of crayons for math box
    *one red pen
    *optional-colored pencils or markers(no Sharpies)         

    *Please send in an appropriate a.m. snack each day.  ***Note:  The first day of school is a half day and the children might want a snack for the am and a light snack for the late morning.

    On 1/2 days we will eat a lgiht snack and light lunch in the classroom.  

    *Please label all your child's important items.

    Homework:  Will be assigned Monday-Thursday

    Each night there will be a practice Math page and a reading sheet to complete.  There will  be the intitials HW marked on the top of the page that will be assigned for homeowork. Spelling homework directions will follow.  As new sight words are introduced, place them in an area in the house where your child will have access to for practice.  We would like to encourage practicing sight words every night.  Please make it your child's repsonsibility to return all work to the Take-Home folder so he/she will be prepared for the following day.








      Please note we will have homework M-TH. Your child will be asked to complete the Homework page.  It will be marked HW with a circle around it.


     Chapter 2-Subtraction Concepts

    Vocabulary:  compare, difference, fewer, minus, more, subtract, subtraction sentence













    June 3rd-7th

    Words to Know:  always, different, enough, happy, high, near, once, stories

    Phonics Skills:  Base words and inflections-er, -est,(change y to i); syllable -le

    Vocabulary Strategy:  Classify and categorize-emotion words

    Comprehension Skill:  AUthor's Purpose

    Comprehension Strategy:  Analyze/evaluate-tell how you feel about the text, and why

    Spelling Words:  hard, harder, hardest, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slower, slowest, sooner, always, once


  • Recent Fun Happenings in Room 6

    (Please check weekly updates)

        We will emphasize developing good social skills during our daily Morning Meeting. For the next few weeks, we will be identifying various feelings, how they are expressed, and what can be done to give us a "sweet day"! In explaining examples of strategies, through effective classroom discussion,  children can change moods and facilitate their ability to insure they gain the most from a productive, happy day! How we treat others is an important topic also. 


       There are a few things that may be important for you to know:

    1. Playground: To play on it, the students must be wearing something other than "flip-flops".  (for safety reasons.) The shoes must have a strap in the back.

    2. Any "temporary" changes in your child's plans for dismissal should be told to a secretary in the front office. The secretary will then call down to my room.  I don't always have the opportunity to check my messages until after dismissal, at the end of the day. A substitute teacher can't access my voice mail either. Please don't rely on my voice mail for anything urgent.

    3. Regular  dismissal will be from the All Purpose Room promptly at 3:05.