• 6th and 7th grade science supplies 2020-2021



    No notebooks due to covid.

    We will make a virtual notebook.

    EAR BUDS needed.

    general supplies (must have colored pencils,crayons, scissors and glue stick).









  • Welcome Back!


    In science, the students use a website called Live Binders.  It is an online three ring notebook that is custom designed by me.  It will provide the students with everything they need for the unit without wasting paper.  Each student will have a composition notebook where they will take notes and complete assignments.  The composition book, along with the Live Binders, will be used for assessments.  Most assessments will be open notebook. 


    Students will have homework but it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.  The homework will be designed to get ready for the next day.  It will not be every night and it will be posted on livebinders. 


    Click on link below and log in. Your child should be able to help with the login.


    username- hyland39-6


    Then go to search binders and click on binder ID and type in code. 


    7th grade codes-

    Unit 1 Astronomy- 1379074



    6th grade codes-

    Unit 1 Atmosphere and weather- 1373738