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    Mrs. Ramsey’s ALGEBRA READINESS Classes

     Math help will be offered before school at 7:45.

    It is YOUR responsibility to see me if you are having any difficulty.

    The Basic Supplies Needed:

    1) 1 ½ or 2 in binder

    2) Dividers

    3) A supply of notebook paper

    4 )A supply of pencils with erasers (I also suggest mechanical pencils)

    5) Scientific Calculator



    *It is your responsibility to replenish your supplies as needed throughout the year.



    It is your responsibility to get the work and notes you missed. All notes are on my webpage under classroom calendar. Print the notes and bring them in the next morning. Also view the video that I created for you. The video link will be on Google Classroom.This link will take you to my video on You Tube. 



    All homework is posted on the white board and on Google Classroom. All homework will be completed with work to receive full credit. Homework will also be graded. If you are absent, please hand in your work to be corrected the day you return. Late homework will be deducted 5 points per day.



    Tests are 50% of your grade. Test corrections can be made. You must return your corrections the day after you get your test back.

    Quizzes is 30 % of your grade.

    Homework/Participation/Classwork is 20% of your grade. 


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    Homework assignments

    All homework assignments, notes and videos will be on Google Classroom for each day. Please visit often especially when you are absent.