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  • The children are starting to become more independent. Please start to stress independence at home while comepleting homeowork assignment. Have your child complete all of the problems he/she is able to first and then complete the remaining ones together.  Please check your child's homework each night. Your child should still be working on learning his/her math facts. Having your child become fluent with addition and subtraction facts up to 20 would be beneficial. We are currently working on 2 digit addition and subtraction, with and without regrouping. Any additional reading beyond the required homework will further help develop your child's skills. Please contact me with any concerns or questions. I can be reached through e-mail or at (732) 528-6400, ext. 189. I am looking forward to a great year!



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    Remember, there are many "teachable moments" in daily life. Children in grades K-2 should practice addition and subtraction facts at home. By the end of second grade, they should have a strong understanding of the concepts. There are many games online, as well a worksheets.

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    Please be conscious of food allergies when sending in a snack or treat.




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