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    732-528-6400 ext. 136

    2022-2023 Surfers: 

    Ava, Morgan, Braelynn, Parker, Nicole, Maria, Caden, William, Carter, Erick, Quinn, Kevin, Patrick, Joseph, Mckenna, Teddy, Trevor, Shane


    3- McAlary Important Information 


    3rd Grade Supply List

         2   1" Binders

         1   Pack of Dividers - with write on tabs

         2   Expo Markers

         2   Black Sharpie markers

         1   Soft pencil case

         4   Marble Composition Notebook- NO spiral notebooks please!

         6   Plastic 2-pocket folders with holes

         2   Box of pencils - not mechanical

         3   Glue sticks

         1   Pair of scissors

         1   Box of 12 colored pencils

    1. 1 Box of 24 crayons 

    2   Highlighters (any color)

              Ear buds or head phones – in a bag, labeled with name

  • Birthdays:



    We love birthdays! Students are welcome to bring in a NON FOOD RELATED birthday treat for the class to enjoy in honor of celebrating their special day! You can send the treat into school with your child in the morning. If your child's birthday falls on a weekend or day when school is closed, please contact me and we can pick a day to celebrate when school is in session!



    Morning Meeting:


    Each morning our class will join together to begin our day by completing the calendar, 100th day countdown, lunch count and attendance, along with responding to a morning message/question and activity before watching the morning announcements. Each day of the week will consist of a different activity! 


    Class Parents:


    Our 2022-2023 Class Parents are:






















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    Special Areas



     Gym: Monday, Tuesday &Thursday

    Art: Tuesday

    Technology: Friday

     Music: Friday

    Science: Wednesday & Thursday

    Spanish: Monday

    STEM: Wednesday