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    2019-2020 Surfers: Cory, Cary, Amelie, William, Ryder, Vincent, Payton, Nate, Kathryn, Petey, Keira, Phoebe, Tyler, Nolan, Abby, Christopher D. & Christopher C.





    3- McAlary Important Information


     Do your best and stay healthy!


    Please remember to sign up for SEESAW learning. Click HERE to access the site. Choose "I'm a student". Type in our class code that was emailed to your parents. Sign in with your google account & password! You are NOT required to complete anything on seesaw quite yet.



    Friday 3/27

    1. Read Chapter 10 of Revolutionary War on Wednesday

    - After reading chapter 10, complete ALL of the chapter 10 pages within the Magic Tree House #22 packet 

    2. Revolutionary War on Wednesday Chp. 6-10 Review KAHOOT- click HERE! (must be completed by 8 pm)

    3. Independently Read/Complete Reading Log Entries of 15 points collectively!

     *Please remember to continue reading from your independent reading book*

    You will be responsible for completing at least 15 points worth of questions from the READING LOG ENTRIES sheet that was sent home by 3/27.

    Click HERE for Audible Books! 

    Epic Books (McAlary class code: qnd0156)



    *please follow this routine for each math lesson posted each day*

    *Think Central is the site we have been using to access our HW assignments all year*

     WATCH & COMPLETE VIDEO LESSON before starting the homework on think central! :) 

    *Remember to continue practice math facts each night*


     Friday 3/27

    1.Chapter 12 Online Review on think central (use chapter 12 workbook pgs. and/or video links below for any help)

    2. Chapter 12 Optional KAHOOT Review click HERE! (must be completed by Monday 8pm)

    3. Polygon Creature Project (due end of day on Monday- take a picture & email to your teacher- all directions found by clicking HERE!)

    4. IXL Review (Please try to work on IXL "teacher suggested skills" for 20 minutes on a daily basis- your goal is to finish all skills by Monday 3/30)

    - click HERE to access the IXL site 

    - log in using your username and password that was emailed to mom or dad on Wednesday (reach out to Ms. Mac if you're having trouble)

    - once you log into your account, you will see a star in top right corner that says "9 skills suggested by your teacher". Click that!

    - click on the skill you want to start with and follow along from there!

    *For additional guidance click the links below for math videos* 

    Classifying Using Venn Diagrams 12.8

    Triangles 12.7 (stop video at 5:08)

    Triangles Continued 12.7

    Quadrilaterals 12.5 (stop video at 5:44)

    Quadrilateral Song 12.5

    Parallel & Perpendicular 12.4

    Lines Song 12.4

    Classifying Polygons 12.4

    What are Polygons? 12.3

    Polygon Song 12.3 (It is silly but fun!) 

    Angles Song 12.2

    Types of Angles 12.2

    Points & Lines 12.1


    Link to Previous Work (if you have fallen behind)

    BRAIN BREAKS! (username: jmcalary   password: jillian3)

    - go to "video library"

    - click "brain breaks"

    - choose your option! ex: fun fitness

    Mrs. O'Reilly's Google Classroom Code: x4lie76


    Special Area Teachers: please check each special area teacher's website for any work/assignments that are to be completed. Refer to your child's classroom schedule located in their SHARK binder.

    Science- Mr. Yee

    STEM- Mrs. Snyder

    Spanish- Mrs. Cole

    Music- Mr. Prol

    Gym/Health- Mr. Fallon

    Art- Mrs. Grady

    Library- Mr. DeBenedetto




    Brag tags are used to reward and motivate students to meet academic, behavioral and character goals. Brag Tags need to be earned! They are not given out to every student each week (with the exception of the 1st day of school tag). Each Friday morning we will have a Brag Tag ceremony where recepients will be able to be recognized by their classmates and myself and have the opporutnity to wear the tag for the rest of the day. At the end of each Friday, students will display their tags on our bulletin board.






    We love birthdays! Students are welcome to bring in a birthday treat for the class to enjoy in honor of celebrating their special day! You can send the treat into school with your child or drop it off to the main office in the morning. If your child's birthday falls on a weekend or day when school is closed, please contact me and we can pick a day to celebrate when school is in session!




    Morning Meeting:


    Each morning our class will join together to begin our day by completing the calendar, 100th day countown, lunch count and attendance, along with responding to a morning message/question and activity before watching the morning announcements. Each day of the week will consist of a different activity:

    Monday: News Flash- Students will have the opportunity to share about their weekends or any other important news 

    Tuesday: All Aboard- Students will be split into groups of 2 or 3 to choose a board game to play 

    Wednesday: Mid Week Dance Party

    Thursday: Team Building- As a class we will play one of our team buiding games

    Friday: Flash Back Friday- Brag Tag Ceremony



    Class Parents:


    Our 2019-2020 Class Parents are:















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    PARCC Practice Tests








  • Spelling Words


    Students will be given a Pretest on Monday.  If the student gets 100% on the test, they will be given a Challenge Spelling List.  This will then become "their" Spelling words for the week.  If a student did not master the Pretest, they will use those words as their list for the week. Please practice the words during the week as we will be practicing them in class.  The Spelling Test will be given every Friday. The list of spelling words will be sent home every Monday.

    Week of 


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    Special Areas





    Library: THURSDAY

     Music: TUESDAY