• Welcome

    Welcome to the Child Study Team (CST) of Brielle Elementary. We are a multidisciplinary team who work with parents, teachers, and students to understand individual student learning needs, and to determine their eligibility for special education and related services. We look forward to serving your child's educational needs. Please feel free to contact us (see below) during school hours.


    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

    Kristen Solomon, M.A., LDTC - ksolomon@brielleschool.org

    Makes an educational assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses and academic levels, and assists in recommending appropriate teaching/learning methods and strategies.

    732-528-6400 X206


    School Psychologist

    Lisa Kenny, M.A., CAGS - lkenny@brielleschool.org

    732-528-6400 (Ext. 237)

    The school psychologist has various functions, such as performing psychological evaluations as part of the Child Study Team’s initial or re-evaluation process to determine eligibility for special education and related services. These evaluations involve assessments of a student's cognitive ability and social/emotional/behavioral adjustment as they affect school performance.


    Social Worker

    Adrienne Mahon, M.S.W.- amahon@brielleschool.org

    Acts as liaison between school, home, and community 

    Facilitates social skills groups, co-leads the peer leadership program, and offers individual counseling for students in need.

    732-528-6400 X236


  • The students at Brielle Elementary receive supportive instruction in the least restrictive environment. Classroom aides, in-class resource teachers and resource room placements enable students to receive the appropriate level of support in both regular education and special education programs. The Child Study Team works closely with teachers to ensure quality of service.