Kereth Looney RN,BSN,CSN

    Ext 208

    Welcome to Mrs. Looney’s Virtual Health Office  

    Just because we are not together doesn't mean that I’m not still available for you!  I want to keep in touch and be able to answer any of your health questions. You can ask me a question about health concerns, if you need advice about something or just to say “Hello!”  I promise I will do my best to answer you and try to help you feel better. 

    I can’t give you an ice pack, but I can give you ideas on other things that may help! I’m still here just not in person! 

    I miss all of you so very much

    I am so incredibly proud of you for doing your part to keep ALL of us safe, healthy and happy!  

    Please “chat” with me by emailing me at klooney@brielleschool.org 




    All students trying out for a school sport, must have a current, yearly physical on file. Please click on my "Sport Physical Form" page for a copy of the form.

  • If student has had sports physical in last 365 days and it is on file in the Nurse's Office, you may click on "Interim Sport Assessment" to download form. This form is to be completed and signed by parent and handed into to school nurse PRIOR to student trying out for a school sport.

  • The State of NJ highly recommends that students get physical examinations at least once during each developmental stage, at early childhood (pre-school through grade three), pre-adolescense (grade four through six), and adolesence (grade seven through twleve).